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Preacher: The TV Series


“We’re going to show YOU the door…”

Is it wrong that I laughed so hard? Sick bastard that I am I’m laughing again while typing.


That scene was taken directly from the comics, wasn’t it?

I liked all the Grail stuff this episode, but it’s getting really annoying to watch the core trio being obnoxious to each other all the time. This really is this season’s core problem: we aren’t given enough of a reason why these people should stay together, or feel like they are friends/lovers. The dynamics of them falling apart that should’ve been introduced much later are already taking over, and that’s just stupid storytelling.

Ah well. Wonder how quickly Denis will, ahaha, turn into a menace.


This was a decent episode, with Herr Starr’s situation a legitimately funny rape joke. I’m not alone in not knowing for sure if it was a mistake or not, getting male prostitutes - others on the AV Club review thread had the same question.

As it’s episode 9 I thought there was only the one to go (Season one was 10 episodes) - but this is a 13 episode season.


Thanks, I thought it was 10 only.


It was definitely a mistake in the comics. And I think Starr’s unenthusiastic reaction to being raped (starting to boredly read Jesse’s file) points that way, too - although that may just as well be his way of enjoying sex, given who he is.


Well, I mean to be fair he could’ve totally murdered them if he REALLY didn’t wanna get raped… it’s not like the guy’s a wimp or has any problem with just murdering people, as the episode he was introduced in showed fully well… So I think he wasn’t completely against it :smile:


Yeah, but he’s not necessarily a hand-to-hand combat kind of guy as far as we have seen, and on the other hand I think he is as impressed by this experience as he is by having electricity shot through his balls - which is to say, he doesn’t care a lot.


Tonight’s episode. Holy shit. Hard to believe they put that on TV. You think the FCC switchboard would be overrun.

Loved every second.


Yeah… that was some pretty incendiary stuff for the US… good thing it’s a cable show :smile:

Starr is great… they keep fetting these amazing actors fr the show… that spy chick is also a veryyy good actress. Man, for a minute I thought this was it, but just checked and there’s still 3 more eps to go… thank jeebus… or hoompaloompa or whatever was his name xD




Do you read this thread?



yes, that was actually in reply to your post, but I didn’t hit reply :smile:


Yeah, it’s pure bible belt complaint bait. I feel like ten years ago they would have never gotten away with this. TV has evolved so much in the last ten years in terms of what people expect it to show, when a Preacher series was first touted back then I fully expected people in the streets with signs to have it banned.




“Depicting Jesus in a grotesque sex scene is an assault on the sensibilities of all Christians, as well as people of good will who are not Christians,” Catholic League president Bill Donohue said in a statement (via Fox News).


Standard Fox there. I bet he shook his fist about Christmas afterwards. It’s a pretty tame response to be fair tho, considering ten years ago US Christians were trying to get Harry Potter banned.


Ep 8-9

Alas Harry Connick Jr - that was funny.

The Grail attack worked well, as did the revelation of what BRAD was.

Sounds like Cassidy might be part of a vampire clan, while they also continue to tease Jesse’s family - that’s a plot bomb probably primed for season 3.

The ‘extrapolator’ in Hell was smartly done too, while taping the guy to the TV was a neat nod to comics’ copier sequence.

Not yet got to infamous ep 10 yet, probably next weekend.


They got all that really just right. I also loved the Jesus sequence at the start.

Herr Starr continues to be awesome, and Featherstone impressive. Loved her and Tulip beating the shit out of the poor guy. Oh, one thing I particularly like about Herr is that Torrens isn’t doing a generic German accent like you get in most Hollywood movies but has tuned it in a different way. Works very well, I think.

Jesse and Tulip are about to fall apart, which I still think is bullshit because we hardly got to see them on the road together. Missed chances. This whole relationship trouble is just a drag for this season.

Cass will have to kill Dennis before the season’s over, of course, poor bastard. Be interesting to see how that goes down.


you called it :smile:

I liked how they set up next season and the meet with the l’angeles… It’ll be interesting to see how that all goes down as well.

Oh and I don’t know where they fuck they’re going with the whole Hitler thing, but it’s kinda funny. I wonder what they’ll do with Eugene next season, though… he’s in for a surprise. Oh and I’m assuming Jesse’s power outages have got to do with that missing piece of soul, which I reckon is gonna be a problem for him next season.


That last episode of Preacher was one of my favourite episodes of TV ever. Before it I felt the show was good, but nowhere on par with the comic. The scene where Hitler ran away is the moment I knew I loved it just as much. It’s its own thing, but it is a fantastic thing. The prologue and resolution to the episode were so perfect, as was the resolution to the season.

I’m on board in every way now with this.