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Preacher: The TV Series


I’m pretty certain they established in S1 that he had some sort of training and that he is quite good at fighting.


They’re being quite subtle about it but we all know where this is going: Jody.


I thought they were still brawley; it’s not like Jesse is doing martial arts or anything. He’s just hitting people with whatever he’s got. And I like that the fights themselves are well-choreographed.

Thought the introduction to the Grail was excellent, overall. And yeah, like Ben says, “Uptown Girl” was great.

Eugene’s story is certainly intriguing. Love the portrayal of hell, and Hitler being the only nice guy there is… let’s say an interesting idea. I wonder whether we’ll get to see the rest of his worst memory.


Bit of an indulgent episode this week. Felt very off pace and sad that with such a limited amount of episodes they’re not accelerating the story. Typical AMC stuff to drag out the story as long as possible. Still very watchable, Tulip really is a piece of work. Lots of comic call outs too.

I have a hunch I know where this season is leading, and I’m not sure if it’s the right decision or not. Much like the comic, the story wanders away from the quest for God a little too much, when that’s really the most interesting part.


I think the idea is that he’s a pussy, rather than a nice guy… But yeah, I like Eugene’s getting a big fat story… IIRC in the books he was more of a throwaway gag, rather than a fully fleshed character.


Episode 5 was comparatively tame - not a lot happened that you couldn’t have seen in a different show. But it was very well told, and added a lot to the characters, I thought.


Oh, definetly added a lot to Jesse and Tulip’s backstory… I don’t remember if it’s similar to the cb tho… but I guess now we know why they have such a complicated past, and why they went their own way before the show started. But yeah, quite tame in comparaison. Next one promises more confrontation with the saint, so it’s all good =P


I’m actually finding Preacher a real chore to get through.

Everything is just so off-model from the comics, from the plot to the characterization, that it might as well not even be called Preacher.

I can’t really judge it on its own merits or as an adaption because I’m constantly thinking things like that’s not right, that shouldn’t happen, when is this going to happen, why are they doing that?


With E6 done, I have to agree that it’s kind of a chore.

The tone is still all over the place, and they seem to be going out of their way to make Jesse as unlikeable as possible (episode 5’s flashbacks paint him in a pretty bad light (the drinking, but also beating his pal/room-mate up), and then the present day stuff - were we meant to agree with him that killing the mob boss was at all a decent thing to do?).

E6 brings a whole other magic aspect into it that seems even more of a departure than what we’ve been used to.

(Also, why can’t Jesse have that haircut from the E5 flashbacks now, instead of the manga-hair that looks like it takes a fair bit of product and time to maintain?)


Ohhh nive intro to Herr Starr… I don’t remember much about him from the comicbook, but he seems like he fits REALLY well in the show… Also was the floating pig thing in the CB? 'cause it was also oddly and wonderfully fitting :smile:

I kinda like how they keep introducing these really fantastical elementes in such a casually detached way. Anyways, yeah the pace of the last few eps has been a bit too slow… I wouldn’t mind much if there weren’t only 10 eps a year, but as it is, I kinda want them to pick up the pace a bit =/


Yeah, I can see the problems with ep 5 - it renders Jesse and Tulip a toxic couple and that’s a thousand miles away from what they should be, no matter how much latitude an adaptation has - this was way off.

Ep 6 was better as it brought the Saint plot to a head, well for now - the Saint shows himself to be a complete bastard, even more so than his comic counterpart was.

Ep 7 is where the show recovered a bit with the intro of Starr - a blackly comic affair and you just know what’s going to happen with that nipple chain he’s wearing, Jesse’s going to give it a real good pull. The bits of Starr’s recruitment with the ‘seduction’ task and the ‘target’ shooting were very funny, albeit in a warped way. Then the ep hits you with that final scene that really emphasises that Starr is indeed a complete walking shitbag.


Well, I don’t know about toxic. They fell apart in a bad way after a miscarriage, but the way that played out wasn’t exactly unrealistic. I think the problem is more than we never much get to see what’s good about them together; there are hardly any moments between them at all that truly show their love, which is kind of the opposite of the comic where we got a lot of that.

I loved how they snuck a lot of art from the comics into this ep by using it to illustrate the Saint’s backstory. That was great.

Also thought the whole soul thing worked well enough, too, even if it’s not from the comic books. And was that the first time Jesse mentioned his family’s name? Loved the other guy’s reaction to that.

Yeah, Starr was great I thought. Can’t wait for him to meet the Grail’s Saviour :slight_smile:

I also liked the Dennis revelation. Cassady continues to be the best character in the show (somewhat unfortunately, of course, because part of the problem is that Jesse and Tulip still don’t quite work).

Bit of two minds when it comes to the getting-shot thing. That sequence allowed them to do a lot of things: show the characters having a bit of fun for once, then showing how bad Tulip’s trauma is (that’s one thing I’m ambivalent about thought) and most importantly push the Tulip/Cassady angle a bit further. Which on the one hand worked quite well for me in the situation and for Cass, but on the other hand, Tulip has quite recently been shouting at him that she knows what he wants - are we supposed to believe she has forgotten that already?


Cassidy and his ‘talent’ are woefully underused. We need more Cassidy, even if it’s silly things like getting his fingers chopped off holding back The Saint’s sword.


After watching a few episodes of the second season (I was barely okay with the first one), I just have to say this.

I love the comics. Really. But I don’t think this translates well. This isn’t barely a translation, it’s more like… Plagiarism. Or something. It’s just… Bullshit.

I really wanted to like this.

But it just… sucks. I’m being modest - It’s absolute effin shite. I dislike most anything with it.

And I don’t often say that about anything, not as a whole.

Even the things I have slashed, (for example movies like BVS or Prometheus) had good stuff in them that I could appreciate. This thing, though… is just wrong.

In my opinion.

I hereby recuse myself from any further viewings and comments.

edited to add (ironically, since I recused myself from further comments): I think it’s because I love the original story so much. I don’t know.


Probably 'cause you’re a fan of the CB, yes, because as a TV series, it’s pretty freaking good in every sense.


Yeah, I’m in the same boat. Everything is just so off-model that I have a difficult time getting into it. Jesse and Tulip have a relationship that is dysfunctional to the point of (almost ) being abusive. Jesse is an asshole who I can’t root for or sympathize with. Tulip is cocky and obnoxious. Cassidy is mostly good. Starr is spot-on.

I’d like to be able to watch this without knowledge of the source, but I can’t unring that bell. Even then, Jesse is such a dick most of the time that I don’t really care what happens to him.


Yeah, I wonder what you would think about this just as a TV show, without any knowledge of the original comic books.

For some reason, I find it easy to watch it that way. I realise the differences, and the failings it has compared to the original, but it’s not a problem at all. I just enjoy the TV show for what it is - and what it is is pretty unprecedented.

But I get why you hate it if you’re looking for the things you loved in the books; just not watching anymore is probably a good decision.


Yeah, I think with adaptations in general you’re better served either not knowing the source material, or being able to enjoy them for what they are (as long as they’re good, that is).

I did read preacher, somewhat, a long time ago, but eh, I can hang with it and I don’t remember that much. It’s like Legion, I know the basics, but I don’t mind the changes, and oh boy that’s another weird show that’ll probably piss off Legion fans… but it’s soooo good =P

Even the cancelled Powers was okay… 1st season suffered from low-budget-itis, but the 2nd one was somewhat better… at any rate, both seasons were VERY different from the CB, but the story was rather ok for what it was.


I can do this with most comic or cartoon properties that are translated to the big screen, as long as they don’t veer to far off with their characterization. It just don’t work with preacher for me though, and I find myself really cringing at it.


Well, Preacher was a special comic. It probably helps that I haven’t reread it since it ended.