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Preacher: The TV Series


The hat and wig montages, while cartoony, are still absolute solid gold


Technically 76 as the “Dead or Alive” collection of covers is an “issue” :nerd:


So, I guess we all agree that Rogen and Co. did the wrong thing in stretching out the prologue?




I thought the arcs that went off-plot were often the best things about it actually.

But that is because in the end, I thought that the overarching plot was far from the best thing of the book. That was, as is often the case, the characters. And specifically, the weird relationship triangle between Jesse, Tulip and Cass. Every time the book really took time off the plot to pursue aspects of the characters, it was at its best. When it was on plot, it wasn’t as good by far, I often felt.

Which is why I always hoped they would one day get around to CITY LIGHTS - get rid of the genre trappings and just tell a story about a set of people. But Dillon had to go and die on us, of course. :cry:



This is going to be so awesome!

Also: Arseface! There you are! Yay!


Sooo anyone watched the ep?

Pretty good. I liked that they go straight into the meat of things… And it’s still fabulously silly, so there’s that! I’m so pumped for this season… bring it on padre!


Watched the first 2 episodes last night. They’ve picked up right where they left off and it’s still brilliant and full of life and energy in every single scene. I love this show, and I love what they’re doing with the story.

That magician sequence was the equal of the hotel fight last season. And I loved how the second episode ended - I loved how the crowd behaved with the splash coats in the front row. This should is amazingly dark.


I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised the included the scene with “Come on Eileen” I thought it was just going to be an ad. The return of Fiore was handled perfectly and Cassidy is still comedy gold. I watched the “talking Preacher” show after episode 2 and they had a couple of mini interviews with Gilgun and at one point they comment that they should just give Gilgun the whole sixty minutes because of the fascinating things that come out of his mouth. There are a couple of scenes where you feel sorry for Cassidy though.


Damn I just watched one… I’ll try to catch the 2nd one tonight… =P


Yeah, those first two eps were fantastic. There was nothing about them that wasn’t great. Love how they’re now building the relationship triangle. Loved Fiore, and his scenes with Cassady. Loved the Saint of Killers. Loved Tulips fight with that guy, and the way it hints at what’ll be coming for her.

Was the thing how the Saint finds them in the books, too? I don’t remember that, even though it’s such an obvious way to limit what Jesse can do…

Also, good that they dedicated the first ep to Dillon - not that I’d have expected any less. And there was a nod to Preacher editor Axel Alonso, too, in the second episode. That was nice.


Yeah that truck was hilarious.


I don’t think so, but I like it, as it really throws a spanner in the works for those who know the books - all bets are now off.

So, as might be evident, just watched the two eps and it’s a very assured opening duo that also manages to de-fang the problems I had with the conclusion of S1, with the town going sky-high. In the comics, I never had a sense Jesse gave a shit about Annville, he was forced to be there and hated it. The TV version took a different tack, so he should be more affected by it. The opening with Come On Eileen was a showcase for the show’s unique sense of style, with it being pictured in old-style filming, then it changes back.

I really liked the ‘for Steve’ closing shot, that was neat.

Second episode - And the Saint does his best impression of the Terminator on a bunch of gun nuts! They managed to successfully combine pitch-black humour and absolute dread here. Clearly nothing following that is going to come close, so the ep doesn’t even try to match it but Cassidy’s ‘interrogation’ sequence comes close. In the end though Fiore’s still a dick. All in all? Hell of a start.


Wow, they don’t fuck around with the violence =/

That was a rough begining of the 3rd episode, but ina good way. As for the rest, I kinda feel I should know what’s coming but I don’t really remember… Maybe it’s better this way, I do like being surprised.


That opening to the third episode was really brilliantly done. You knew what was going to happen and it filled you with dread, yet they went from funny to sad to loving to heartache so quickly that it was really a moment of hell for Eugene. It was masterfully written, but then everything in this show is masterfully done.


I can’t be the only one who just got around to watching ep 4?

In any case, another fine pair of episodes, one which develops the Tulip plotline and another which brings in the Grail. Which I was almost fooled by Featherstone and Hoover on, then they showed Starr. That also had an excellent fight scene.

I’m intrigued as to where they take the Eugene plotline.

Loved Jesse’s storming the mansion and the “Uptown Girl” fight that ended with Pat being impaled. It feels like the cliffhangers are far more effective this season too.


I hope I’ll do that later tonight.


Well I did but didn’t see any activity on this discussion… apparently everyone’s waiting for GoT or something :frowning:


Watched 3 and 4 on the weekend. I thought the pop-song soundtrack to the fight was a bit tacky.

More annoying are the fights themselves - Jesse should be a bar-room brawler, but these fights have been over-choreographed; they wouldn’t look out of place in Daredevil.