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Preacher: The TV Series


Except that’s one instance where a TV show format actually works to its advantage.
This season felt frozen solid.


They ought to keep exploding towns then they can do a spin-off…

Preacher: Eff-Bee-Aye

As a team of agents take an interest in this trail of dead towns, that all have one thing in common…


Maybe there’s a good reason for that? :wink:


Very much so! But sometimes experimenting with the boundaries can lead to interesting results. I thought such was the case here, but I completely understand every viewer like Ben who is frustrated with the decision.


I wouldn’t be as critical if the ep or so before they hadn’t done these character development moves that then don’t matter because the town blew up.


Yeah, which is why they should have just done it in the first episode.


Well, the show had a crescendo of “absurdity” all along, which culminated in the town blowing up, in a very absurd manner as well… from the introduction of the voice in ep1, Cassidy, Tulip, the hotel sequence, the meat King’s shenanigans, etc… to the town blowing up. Now, I don’t remember the comicbook that well, since I speed-read it a long time ago, but from what I remember the comicbook also had that absurd tone. So, in that regard, I thought the town blowing up fit pretty well with the rest of it.


Looks like they’re not going to following the comic’s road trip destination order at all.


Wouldn’t have expected that, given how the town was a conglomerate of towns in the comic.


To be honest I think the comic is a bit of a mess. Huge distraction arcs and not paced right for 70 issues.


So much dislike.


It definitely has a huge wandering problem.
But I can overlook it cause the cast themselves are wandering.


Man, you’re not kidding, some of those arcs must have really distracted you. Preacher only ran for 66 issues! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He might be counting the one-shots


I didn’t think there was a need for pinpoint accuracy. I think the Saint had 4 issues and Arseface, Jodie and Starr all had one shots. I don’t think Cassaday did but I’m not sure. It’s been 20 years and I never revisited the books.


I think the Saint’s was 2 issues but spot on the rest.


Yeah I’m just ribbing. I happen to agree. I actually gave up on Preacher in singles because of it.

Then it’s 75. :smiling_imp:

Cassidy did have a one shot. It covered his first visit to New Orleans.


So we were both right


That’s the best one, IMO.


I liked the Starr one. He’s a pretty interesting villain who became too much of a cartoon character. I can’t wait to see him on screen.