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Preacher: The TV Series


Season 1 goes along quite well then pulls a ‘fuck you all’ move by blowing up the entire town! So, if you had become interested in character X and what was going on with them and what happens next? Answer - they die in the explosion, next question? So, yeah, I’m uncertain of how much to care about S2.


Not everyone got blown tho… Arseface is still out there… somewhere =P

And I think a couple others might’ve survived… And you don’t really need the rest of the filler town people anyways… Just a couple of main/important ones bit it, and that’s about normal for show.


Point is that they lost my trust with that move, they’ve done it once, there’s nothing to stop them doing it again so why should I invest in the show?


I just hope they give Jesse some strong opinions he won’t budge on in season 2. Who/what is his Bill Hicks?


Jessie, Tulip, Cassaday, Arseface, Starr, Featherstone, Jody, TC, the Saint, Hoover, Fiore and DeBlanc to name a few?

It’s a fantastic show unlike anything else. I can’t wait to see. What they do this season.


Yeah, there’s that and it may be enough for me to overlook how they chickened out at end of S1.

Thing is, it wouldn’t be a problem if they hadn’t managed to make me interested in those characters - so it’s their own damn fault, they should have done a crappier job.


I’m surprised.
Everything about the town seemed pointless because of how it was originally handled in the comic.
Felt like 100% filler.


If you’re going to do filler, you do it as one ep and done, not spend an entire series on it.



Which is my complaint about the first season.
Felt like an entire season of filler. So I ducked out.


Preacher was always a comic that had stronger characters and ideas than plots. The plots were a string to hang the rest on.

It’s still that now, and I prefer a bit more plot myself.


Season would’ve been stronger if the Angels had replaced the main crew.


You people cray cray… Season 1 was wonderful… chokefull of weird, in the good way. That ending was just the culmination of all the crazy shit that had gone down throughout the season, I thought it was quite fitting even tho I wasn’t particularly happy to lose some of those characters.


I just think it’s fantastic that Preacher, Legion and American Gods are all on TV and their great.

It really, really, wasn’t very long ago that these shows were announced, Preacher especially, and we thought they were going to be shit, or completely off-message like Lucifer.


I can completely understand that, even though I am sort of coming at it from the opposite direction. I kind of admire the balls of that move, just saying “Fuck it!” and blowing it all to hell. It’s very much the attitude they were going for with the whole of the show, and the attitude a Preacher show kind of needs.


I really don’t know if it was ballsy.

Given that the town is always destroyed.


I do agree with Ben though that they built the characters well, and made us care for them. I think more so in the second half of the season than in the first (where they mainly had to establish Jesse and Tulip and Cass), but once they got more into the characters of the Sheriff or Quincannon and some of the others some more, they actually became quite interesting.

And that is work after all. Just turning around and killing everybody you have established so carefully is not something you see often on TV.


True, I understand that.
Killing them off at all though, is kinda where our story begins.

Less ballsy, more just waiting it out.


True, if you’re looking at it from the comics’ perspective.

For viewers who haven’t read the book though, this must have been quite a surprise :slight_smile:


I just also find it weird that they made the town a conglomerate of other towns and characters from later on. Just makes the rest seem less special.


That part I can understand though. Jesse’s time as a small-town sheriff in whatsitsname was always unlikely to make a TV show because it just completely froze the plot and put everything on hold.