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Preacher: The TV Series


Starts Sunday in the US, and up on Amazon Prime in the UK on Monday. Reviews have been mostly positive, from what I’ve seen.

There’s going to be a Chris Hardwick aftershow too, but I’ve no idea if that will be available outside the US.


Really excited for this show. I wish I had bought the Preacher TPB when it was available.


I am cautiously skeptical. I’ll check it out but I’m half-expecting to hate it.


I expect it to be Lucifer-level.
Not bad, but so far removed (even moreso than iZombie) than why bother?

Only thing that looks spot on is Cassidy so far.


I felt the same way about Lucifer. Preacher will annoy me in the same ways. Preacher could be amazing if they stuck to the comics.


It just irks that they’ve been talking about sticking around in Annville and introducing Odin Quincannon so early.
It’s irksome


I did hear Ennis on a podcast saying he’d seen the first one and he was genuinely enthusiastic, especially about the lead actors.

I’ve got to the point now where I actually prefer it if they diverge from the source material as long as they have the spirit of it right. I’ve read the Preacher comic already, like with Walking Dead it’s more fun not to know what happens next.


The first four minutes have been released online in case anyone wants to check it out:


I’ve heard in interviews that the series starts before the events of the comic. I think I heard it in this:


The producers have said Ennis is the one who encouraged them to make changes and that he approved every script.


Yeah he also went into some detail on casting a non-white actress as Tulip and said if he were doing the book now that’s what he would do too.

He seems to be a lot less precious about it than some of the fans. :smile:


I hope he’s getting a good pay day out of it. It’s always good when a big payday arrives for comic folks.


Setting my fandom aside, a lot of points seem to be pointing towards greatness on this show. To say it’ll probably end up like Lucifer is ignoring a lot of what a huge variety of critics with early access to the first four episodes have been saying. So far the buzz is high, and I for one can’t wait to see what they’ve cooked up. And just as @garjones said, I don’t particularly desire a straightforward adaptation. If they nail the relationship between the main trio and maintain the tone and ambience of the book, I’d probably be happy to see several seasons of it, rather than the whole regular story in one season.


The problem with Preacher is that it’s a book that a lot of people are pretty passionate and nostalgic about.

It is not an IP, like the Big Two characters, who have had loads of different interpretations over the years.

Generally speaking I’m pretty lax when it comes to Marvel and DC characters in movies and on tv. I’m happy to see different versions and I’m used to seeing different versions.

With Preacher, it’s a singular vision of that creative team of Ennis and Dillion. There’s only 1 version of those characters and there was a completely unmistakable feel to the book.

if it’s not my favourite book of all time, it’s not a kick in the baws off it. I’m reading it yet again at the moment and the bond and love I have for those characters is still strong today.

It’s very difficult to detach from that when visually what you see is different. That’s the immediate impact and the first judgement you make.

Dominic Cooper, who plays Jessie doesn’t fit for me, I also think he’s too wee. I have no idea how big Cooper is, but in my mind he’s a wee guy.
Jessie was a big, strong, handsome lad who could fight like fuck.
I also can’t get Andrew Lincoln out my head when I’m mentally casting that role.

Ruth Negga is absolutely gorgeous and she was amazing in Love/Hate. But she doesn’t look like Tulip. Tulip is also very athletic in Preacher and she had to be. Negga is very slight. I’m also concerned about how her accent could be.

The boy from This is England they have as Cassidy is very likable, his name escapes me just now. But could they not have found a real Irishman for this part. Shane McGowan was the basis for this character and just don’t see that in him.
I can’t believe they never thought of Michael Smiley for this. I just can’t fathom it. It’s the most obvious bit of casting ever in the history of comics. He was born to play Cassidy. Ye feckin bollicks.

Ultimately though, I could watch the first episode of this and it’ll just click. Sometimes the vibe and essence is just there, what on paper doesn’t seem to work just does. That’s what I’m holding out for.

And it fucking better.


I think Cassidy is the only thing that looks right off the bat perfect for the time.
He was Rudy man…that role had a lot of Cassidy tones to it.


For what it’s worth, early look reviews have all generally said that Cooper really channels that thirst for violence and unquenchable rage. I’m still optimistic on this :slight_smile:


Dominic’s accent is great

Most else



Is this about a Preacher and a Hot Chick who team up to solve crimes, or…


No, that’s the Father Dowling Mysteries…


I bet there’s tons of sexual tension!