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Potter's Picture Palace / Star Wars


The Internet exists to distract us from work. Just the fact you’re reading this on company time is all the proof you need. BUT I can’t help it. This morning I woke up remembering a Star Wars riff from when I was around seven and I’m sure it was on a TV show called Potter’s Picture Palace on Children’s BBC with a guy called GREEN FINGERS subbed in as the Darth Vader character. In my mind, John Comer is playing Green Fingers and the whole thing -even more weirdly -is done like The Thing with something taking over the minds and personalities of the characters in the show.

Bear in mind I was seven or eight and this all could be completely wrong, but can anyone else remember this? It was exciting to me because it was loosely Star Wars related and so I started watching. I googled the show and found the below, pleased that it exists. I love the idea of a program where David Lodge, never more than a background actor in pretty much any UK show of the 60s and 70s, has been given a shot in the lead and anything with Melvyn Hayes is always worth checking out. Here’s a link and am pleased to report it’s every bit as weird as I remember it being:



Wow. With that sort of entertainment plus all the psychedelics in the water when you were a kid, it’s amazing you turned out all normal like you did!


1976, apparently. At that age I would have been watching just about every kids’ programme on TV, and yet I have no memory of that one at all.


It had a third series in 1978 or so as a few months after Star Wars at least. Like Rentaghost, I think it was one of those things that started YEARS back and ran for ages.