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Posting art for the 1st time!


Hey everybody…

I’ve been a member of this site for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve posted art work for the expressed purpose of getting it mercilessly critiqued. I’m no shrinking violet, and if I feel if you want to grow as an artist, you gotta take your lumps. I’m here for the lumps! Cheers!


Absolutely beautiful pages, buddy.

I really love your style…
This for example:

Is magnificent!

But on the flip side you have this:

It’s a good panel, but the arms are too small, which make the head look big, so, you need you keep an eye on your anatomy and perspective.
But I think you are brilliant, keep posting.


Great work! You’re definitely able to tell a story visually. One suggestion would be to get you’re pencils critiqued before moving on to inks just as a time saver, and always look at proportions and perspective before moving on. Page 3 panel 1 the right arm is foreshortened which you did well but the forearm looks quite a bit skinnier than the left. Page 3 panel 2 the window looks like it’s at a different angle than the rest of the room. To be fair, I’ll be posting my art very soon, most likely next week and an open for critique as well! Great work though!