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Post Infinity War speculation thread


Just to keep the conversation separate from the review thread. It ends on a cliffhanger so we’ll be speculating for a year.

I reckon Gamora still lives in the soul stone, and that Tony is going to end up retired with a baby.

Wild speculation is that everyone killed by the gauntlet finger snap ends up in the soul stone, so we have scenes with all those folks in the next movie rather than them being missing for the bulk of filming.

And that the current gauntlet is broken so they’ll go visit Tyrion to get another gauntlet to wield the stones, undoing everything in the first movie.


Agree with all of those. I’m hoping for a happy ending for Thor (as ruler of a new Asgard), Cap running a new SHIELD, and Tony and Pepper as parents. Shuffle them stage-adjacent where they can be ignored or utilized strategically in new ways.


Carol turns up and is amazing.

Clint and Scott get drafted by Cap et al to help out.

Vision gets rebuilt by Shuri but without the stone is emotionless/even more boring than before.

Tony dies.

Everyone who got dusted comes back.

Thor revives all of the dead Asgardians, possibly restores Asgard (on Earth).

Everyone wonders why Iron Fist isn’t helping out. Whenever he’s not on screen, people are saying “where’s Iron Fist”?


I can’t imagine anyone missing Iron Fist.


Gamorah’s soul is definetly still in the soul stone, but who knows if she’ll revive for good… (cause of the whole Avatar thing).

Don’t know what they’ll do with all the ashed characters, but hopefully not too much (besides reviving them at some point)… I want the 4th one to focus on the OG Avengers…

I’m failry sure Hawkeye’s family or part of it got ashed, so I’m expecting Clint to come back in a really foul mood.

I’m still going with my big theory about Vision being the one to “set things right”. They don’t need to forge a new gauntlet, vision can just embed them in his fist… I mean, he was carrying the mind gem on his forehead AND he lifted the hammer, so he’s strong enough and “worthy” enough… that’s clearly what they’ve been setting him up to do.

I don’t know if Viz gets rebuilt by Shuri, or if he just re-materializes at some point (cause he has an “evolution arc” to complete anyways)… but yeah I can see him taking control of the Gauntlet, fixing things, as in reviving everyone who dies at Thanos’ hands and even Quicksilver… I’m still betting on a QS comeback (as a farewell gift for Wanda) =P

In terms of deaths, I still don’t think they need to kill anyone tbh, but I’d bet more on Steve than Stark. After all these battles they deserve a happy ending (and a happy send-off)… IW just proved that you can have your cake and eat it… we all know the ashed characters will be brought back, but it still stinged when it happened.


The Guardians don’t work without Gamora. You can’t have her die and then jump to the next movie with Quill cruising space Tinder for a new hookup. She’s got to come back for the franchise to continue.


Yeah I guess, but you know how Cameron is being such a little bitch about super hero movies, so… who knows, it might be a “behind the scenes” kind of thing.

Oh, btw, this is not a prediction, but I want to see the consequences of Thanos’ actions, and see how ballsy they get with that (or not at all)… however, they really need to show what the universe “looks like” after the finger snap, and particularly earth…


Recommend Earth-X, Universe-X and, for a preview of IW2, Paradise-X.

It’s all on the last page.


Don’t remember exactly what you’re alluding to, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they borrow something from those books… they are borrowing from A LOT of different sources.


That the Marvel Universe is basically a nested reproducing universe, so at the moment of destruction it pops out as an alternative reality. We’ll always have a Marvel Universe. Despite Alonso.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony dies. Obviously he’s needed for the final battle. Strange’s actions make that clear. I still see Stark as filling a lot of the Uncle Ben role in Spider-Man’s life in these movies, so his death would kind of complete that.

But I guess we all know Hawkeye will be the one to really save the day :rofl:


Gamora is the straight man of the Guardians. I see her coming back, or being replaced by Nebula, maybe.

Also, I betcha Red Skull is somehow the baddie in the Soul Stone that the “dead” heroes have to fight.


Yeah going into the movie I thought for sure Tony would die in this movie or the next, and as soon as he mentioned the baby it was clear they’re going the retirement route. Which I approve of.

I suspect Loki was playing a trick and will make some kind of grand return in the next film. He and Hulk just needed to be jobbers to show how powerful Thanos is.



I honestly don’t know how many of the deaths or dustings will be undone, as I’m equally unsure how many of these characters are getting more movies. Obviously Spider-Man is. I think Gamora is dead-dead. I don’t know Soul Stone lore that well, but I don’t think audiences at large will be satisfied to cheapen a major part of Infinity War just because she’s been a significant part of two previous Guardians movies.

I expect Captain Marvel to be a weapon they definitely need, and Hawkeye and Ant-Man to be significant contributors. And Banner to Hulk again. And maybe Thor to go for the head this time. But other than that, and Death…I’ll go along with whatever they do.


Within the first five minutes Hawkeye nicks the reality stone off Thanos while he’s out on the farm, and puts everything back to how it was.

Then the Grandmaster shows up and does his best Ian Malcolm impression, explaining to Doctor Strange that even if the odds of winning the lottery are 14 milion to one, those odds are cut considerably if you have a way of looking forwards in time and seeing exactly which numbers you need to choose to win.

The remaining 90 minutes are taken up by an only vaguely-related buddy-comedy featuring Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash teaming up with Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith to put together the Infinity Stones, which they ultimately use to resurrect Trevor Slattery’s acting career.


I’m really looking forward to the combined Avengers getting jobbed for Captain Marvel’s benefit. Yay!


I have seen all possible outcomes and there’s only one where this happens. And it’s in theaters next year!


Plenty of potential titles to choose from.

Avengers 4: A New Hope

Avengers: Resurrection

Avengers 4: The Voyage Home

Avengers Salvation

Avengers & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Avengers 4: The Quest For Peace

Avengers & Robin

Although this bloke seems convinced it is Avengers: Endgame, which, y’know, whatever…


I certainly think that Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel will play a major role in the follow up. I also suspect the older, original Avengers will have to sacrifice themselves in a “soul stone” type of trade to save those who were lost.


I gave Infinity Gauntlet a quick read this weekend (ah, Marvel Unlimited), and for one thing I was struck by how much IW resembled much of that series — the snap, obviously, but also as @Miqque has pointed out, stuff like someone smashing into Strange’s house and yelling ‘Thanos is coming!’

Anyway, nebula plays a huge role at the end of that series, and I could see the films replicating that. Also, they don’t just undo the snap, they take everything back 24 hours (the course of the series), which could be the way to undo what happens earlier in the film.

More generally, while I know there’s some expectation of a death I’m not convinced anyone will die in A4, except Thanos. I mean, why? You could just as easily give Cap and Stark happy retirements; I don’t see why having them die is considered optimal/preferable.