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If there are any questions that you think I should ask the editors, please send them, and I’ll try to incorporate them into my Q&A. You will want to listen to tomorrow’s interview with Dafna Pleban of BOOM! She talks about how she looks for talent.

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Here’s the second part of my interview with Dafna:

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Heres the new Portrait of an Editor – Bob Schreck: Master Class

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Part 2 of my talk with Bob Schreck is available today. He talks about Batman: Holy Terror, his stint editing the Batman line, dealing with defeats, and his favorite cons.

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Portrait of an Editor is back. This new interview is with Allison O’Toole. She works with Chapterhouse and TO Comix Press. Also this month, she independently released a horror anthology titled Wayward Sisters. Here’s some linkage:
You can find her interview below:
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Here my interview with Chris Thompson of Titan Comics and Find out what brand managers think of editors.


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Upcoming interviews for POE – Sebastian Girner of Image, Meg Lemke of PW Comics, and Charles Ardai of Hard Case Crime.


New Ep!!! Sebastian Girner: Independent Streak Traditionally a comic book editor is “the boss” on a series. He or she represents the publisher and has approval powers over every aspect of a comic book’s production. Therefore I’ve always wondered how an editor’s duties on an Image comic played out, especially when Image makes sure a title’s creators have the last word on creative decisions. In this Portrait of an Editor, Sebastian Girner provides some answers. Also, among other topics, we have a great talk about what it’s like to make a living and plan a future as a freelance editor.

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New Ep!!

Freelance comic book editor Meg Lemke has a stack of plates spinning. She’s Publishers Weekly Graphic Novel review editor, editor-in-chief of Mutha Magazine, chair of the Brooklyn Book Festival comics and graphic novel programming committee, a consultant for the French Comics Association, and a bunch of other roles. In addition to all of that, she also provides us an informative insight into what it takes to be an excellent assistant to a lit editor and how it can jumpstart a career, a great story about Harvey Pekar’s work on Best American Comics, and during the lightning round reveals a couple of her favorite bands.




NEW INTERVIEW Christa Faust, Walter Hill, Meghan Abbott, Duane Swierczynski, and Mickey Spillane… If you like in crime fiction, you’ve probably heard those names before. Now they are making crime comics for Hard Case Crimes comic book line.

On this Portrait of an Editor, Charles Ardai delivers the low down on how the line came about, how he works with Titan Comics (@titancomics), and what the Hard Case Crime will be publishing comics-wise shortly.

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A new POE. This time with Chris Ryall.



We’re going weekly for a bit:

This week it’s Barbara Dillon of Fanbase Press.


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And for this week, I change gears and interview colorist Charlie Kirchoff.


New ep Bryce Carlson: SDCC 2018 Ramp-Up.

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Another podcast: Alex Donaghue: SDCC 2018 Ramp-Up


Just a reminder, there are a whole bunch of new episodes available. And Portrait of an Editor is now in its second year. Thank you for listening.