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Hello, this is Francis and want to let everyone know about a podast I just launched. In it I interview various comic book editors about their origins, mentors, tricks of the trade, and their love of comics. I’m trying to get as “inside baseball” with the questions but still stay conversational.

I’ve been learning a bunch. I hope you do to. Give it a listen at either iTunes – or on Google Play –

It’s a bi-weekly podcast. However, the next ep. launches on October 2 with an interview of an editor from Humanoids Publishing. Then it’s time for NYCC 2017. The next ep drops on 10/16 and so on.

If there are any comic book editors from around the world out there I would love to hear from you.


I’m the lead editor of the Toronto Comics Anthology in, well, Toronto and I edit other things but that’s admittedly not seemingly a big thing.

If you would like to look up some lady editors to talk to though, I have an extensive list here:


Thank you for that list! You just made my life a bit easier. A few of the women were already on my wishlist to interview, and I hope I can connect with them while at NYCC2017. Now you got me thinking about so many more. Thanks again.

I quickly checked out your site. Would you be up for an interview?


Here are the interviews scheduled so far:

Alex Donoghue of Humanoids Publishing release date 10/2

Chris Murrin of Athena Voltaire release date 10/16

Taylor Smith of Space Goat release date 10/30

Erik Hendrix of Arcana Studio release date 11/13


Sure, of course! You can send me an email to if that’s easier to chat.


Wow this Podcast sounds great. Love to hear more from editors as there opinion is so important in getting hired. Thanks I cant wait to listen to this.


Thanks for the words of encouragement, Chris. This first 2 eps, a two-part interview with Andy Schmidt of Comics Exposure, Marvel, and IDW, are available on Apple Podcast and Google Play. Check them out, subscribe, and please leave a review.

Once you subscribe you get tomorrow’s interview with Alex Donoghue of Humanoids Publishing.


Done and Done. Will listen to them tomorrow. Thanks again keep it up. This is a brilliant idea for podcast.


A new interview is available. This one is with Alex Donoghue from Humanoids Inc.


I posted the latest podcast interview early. Enjoy.

Athena Voltaire’s editor Chris Murrin talks about working in the independent world of small press. He reveals why “Batman: Death in the Family” made him a lifelong comics fan, how film school prepared him for editing, and the best way to deliver bad news to creators.

Portrait of an Editor shines a spotlight on all different kinds of comic book editors from around the world. The podcast digs into editors’ origin stories, how their mentors shaped them, and their tricks of the trade.

Once you sign up for Portrait of an Editor via Apple Podcast, Google Play, or Podomatic, please remember to rate and leave a review. This is a work in progress, and I appreciate the feedback.


Portrait of an Editor’s future interviews will feature Taylor Smith of Space Goat, Erik Hendrix of Arcana and Scott Dunbier of IDW.


Taylor Smith of Space Goat Productions interview in Portrait of an Editor


A new Portrait of Editor interview is available. Thanks for listening.


My interview with IDW’s Scot Dunbier is now available:


The first Portrait of an Editor of 2018.


New podcasts I have lined up: Fabrice Sapolsky (Humanoids), Eduardo Ancer creator of Aztlan from Mexico, Dafna Pleban (BOOM! Studios), Bob Shreck (Comico, Dark Horse, DC, and Legendary), and Allison O’Toole (Wayward Sisters Anthology).


In the new Portrait of an Editor, I interview Fabrice Sapolsky who is the new Senior Editor for Humanoids USA: OR


Another podcast! This time I interview Eduardo Ancer the writer and editor on Aztlan, which is an independent comic out fo Mexico.


My latest interview for Portrait of an Editor is with Dafna Pleban of BOOM! Dafna Pleban: For Love of the License


I posted way back in October saying that I will give these a listen to. Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed hearing these people talk and have learned a lot. Its great getting to hear about how your favourite artists or writers work. But this Podcast tells you about the talent behind the creators. The people that hold the power to hire you.
So again thank you for doing this. Its a great service your doing for aspiring comic creators.