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Poll: Did you like Avatar?


It’s time to stop beating a dead horse and put your vote where your mouth is. No nuance. No subtlety. Just yes or no.

#Did you like Avatar?

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  • No

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And a bonus question. Remember if a film doesn’t make it into theaters it loses automatically.

#Which film will win at the box office in 2017?

  • Avatar 2
  • Star Wars: Episode VIII

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Top Ten Movies Of This Century!

Are we forgetting Avatar?


I wish we could.


Still never seen it.


It’s only relevant because of the 3D thing… which IMO is more of a technical thing that got “3D” back in fashion… Other than that it’s a pretty mediocre movie.


I just mentioned Avatar because it is still the biggest grossing movie is it not?


Some people would have Avatar in their top ten. Just not folks who post here. There’s a anti-Avatar vibe in the comic world for some reason. I think if it had been less successful it’d be better liked.


That’s fair. I do quite like Avatar but I couldn’t put it in my top ten.


I liked it but purely as spectacle. The story was FernGully: The Last Rainforest in space. :wink:


It depends on if you adjust for inflation or not. If you do, Gone with the Wind is still on top.


Look at Ronnie hating on Avatar. Hater!



I think that’s unfair. Unsuccessful movies have bored me, too.


I mean, yeah.

I hate how Stephen Lang’s character is all “fathery to his men” in his first scenes but then becomes all frothing at the mouth empiralist.
It’s so strange. Damn Cameron you learned nothing from Titanic.


I think it’d be liked better if it was a better film.


You should send a letter to James Cameron telling him to make better films. I’m sure he’s never thought of that.


I haven’t seen Avatar so I’m not going to comment on that, but I thought that Cameron’s best movie was made in 1986 or thereabouts. Nothing that I’ve seen him do in the meantime measures up for me. Titantic looked wonderful, but was badly scripted and had poor characterisation and horrible dialogue.

And yes, I am absolutely aware that my opinion will be of absolutely no consequence to James Cameron as we dives deep into his ocean of money in his custom built submarine :wink:


That’s the comic book divide I’m talking about. If Titanic were so bad it wouldn’t have been so huge. It’s a great film, the structure is supurb, the performances great and the story is engrossing. It’s a huge achievement and deserving of the financial success. I feel similarly about Avatar, but the comics audience in particular are quick to crap all over it.

After 1986 Cameron made The Abyss, T2 and True Lies. Those are pretty great movies.


You could say the same to Uwe Boll and it would have the exact same effect. :wink:

I don’t imagine that everyone shares my opinion but it’s just that. I liked a lot of elements of the film. There were a lot of really interesting shots but the overall story really left me cold.


Simple story conveyed effectively.

The dialogue is just awful and the characters rote AF.