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Podcasts! What's Good?


Does anyone listen to Harry Shearer’s Le Show? I tried the most recent episode today and it was ok but it was filmed in front of a live audience and felt a bit stilted in places. Is it a bit more polished when it’s done “behind closed doors”?

Must admit I’d never heard of it before reading about it here:


I have listened to it. It’s an odd beast, it’s mainly just him reading various news stories with a liberal slant. It’s quite informative though.

He does the odd sketch and impression in there too. He does leave gaps in his sentences which is strange for audio as 5 quiet seconds on radio sounds like an eternity and makes you think it’s broken.


Journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell has a podcast called Revisionist History that is intelligent, entertaining, and eye-opening. I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes, but they are very interesting.


I’ll give it an a couple more listens, see if I can get used to the style. It was informative, for sure. Maybe it just wasn’t what I was expecting. It was quite a gear change to listen to that after the latest Athletico Mince episode!!!


Stop the clock Ernie!


Honest to god I was genuinely gutted this week that there was no update about how Steve McClaren and Casper are getting on now they’ve told the fat lass to fuck off.


I think they’ll be reconciled by next week, there’s no getting rid of the fat lass.


I’m currently listening to an episode of Do The Right Thing (series 6 episode 1 with Shappi Khorsandi and Richard Osman) which is pretty hilarious. Two pairs of comedians are given hypothetical situations and are asked what they would do and then given points for how close they are to “official” advice.

I only heard of it because their Twitter page announced they’re filming a TV version, for which a big name star is being inserted, much like with Taskmaster and Go 8-Bit. I can see the logic behind that (and it’s worked well for those two shows) but it is kind of an insult to the people involved and the format.


This is actually a Radio 4 documentary series than a podcast, and only five episodes of 12 minutes, but Objects of Desire, by Matthew Sweet, is an interesting look at our relationship with things, about the nature and morality of materialism.


Some good suggestions here!

Most of these have been mentioned but my suggestions In no particular order,

• Scriptnotes
• Richard Herring (RHLSTP)
• Adam Buxton
• Stuart Goldsmith (Com Com Pod)
• Romesh Rangathan (Hip Hop Saved my Life)
• No Such Thing as a Fish
• Nerdist


I was reminded of this podcast recently and started listening to an episode this morning.

Very good so far, just running through in great detail the beginning of the Cable/X-Force era.

Incredibly knowledgeable hosts.


Double post!

Also recommending “Screw It, We’re Just Gonna Talk About the Beatles” - four hosts, hour-long chats about a Beatles album each episode.

They’re already up to Sgt. Pepper’s as at yesterday - I’ve only listened to the Rubber Soul one (i.e. - when the Beatles went from great to Godlike Genius) (but may go back to the earlier ones later).


I’m really enjoying that too. I love some of the “behind the scenes”-type clips they play sometimes. I just listened to their Sgt. Pepper’s episode, where they play a clip of an adorable three-year-old Sean Lennon singing “With a Little Help from My Friends” and asking his dad about it.


If you like your psychodelic spiritual comedic gold then I strongly recommend The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. I love it!

Dan Harmon is a regular guest, among a host of comedians, scientists, gurus, and all round cool cats.


And then joking about the phone ringing - “John - it’s Julian” “Uh, tell him I’m not here”.

Their episode on The White Album (part 2) was released yesterday.


For those that enjoyed Serial, I remember @Will was a fan, there’s a new crime investigation show from the ‘This American Life’ team called S-Town. I’m downloading now as it is getting pretty rave reviews.


I’m into the second episode, I think it could be great. It’s not so much the case so far, it’s more everyone on it is fucking crazy.


I’ve heard that is a good one but haven’t checked it out yet.


I enjoyed S-Town quite a bit. I wasn’t sure at first, but it got my attention when the story switched directions around episode two.


It kind of switches direction twice in that episode. I find it interesting on a sociological basis (I’m up to half way through episode 3).

I joked everyone is nuts but a key element so far is in the “Shit Town”, which is what the podcast is really called, the ‘fuck it’ nothing can get any worse attitude is the main takeaway.