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Podcasts! What's Good?


This is another level of ‘beside the point’. They may has well have themed it around bungalows and air fryers. :smile:


Tried a couple of the Black List Table Reads I mentioned upthread. The ones I listened to were pretty good (a cast act out unproduced Holywood scripts) but I’ve no idea how consistent the episodes will be. Will give a couple more a blast I think.

Tried a couple episodes of Athletico Mince too. The 8% level of football suits me fine given my ignorance towards huge chunks of what’s happening in the sport at any given time. I’ll be continuing with that too.

I tried a few of the Myths and Legends podcast @njerry mentioned too. It’s another one that I’m sticking with too.

I think they might all go on hold for just now though as I’m thinking of clearing space in my listening schedule for Serial season 2.


…and 90% of the 8% football is just some bollocks they made up, like going on holiday with Dion Dublin and Steve McLaren. :smile:


Daniel Clowes is on Marc Maron’s WTF this week. He’s surprisingly normal.


Tempted to listen just to find out how you fry air, because I would have thought it was impossible.


I am going to have to check this out. Haven’t seen Mr Hendrick/Burno in a dog’s age.


Finished the second season of Serial a couple days back. Enjoyed it though I don’t think it quite hit the same emotive notes as the first. That said I really did like the fact it was a completely different story told. Hopefully there’s a third season coming.


Aw, lovely to hear the boys’ dulcet tones. A fun listen, too!


The guys behind one of my regular podcasts “The Cardboard Console” have just decided to call it a day after 75 episodes. It is a shame as I really enjoy the podcast but I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of a recent format change which got rid of the wildcard feature (each episode initially contained Matt & Andrew discussing one board game each, one video game each and one other random thing each). The wild cards got me onto other podcasts and books etc.
Hopefully Matt & Andrew will be free to come and play games with us again.


Working my way back through some of the recommendations in the thread. I think I’ll give this a bash next.


Does anyone listen to the PTI podcast? I was looking for something new and totally different from my usual. I like PTI the show and if it is the same format/the audio of the to show then I’m certain it’ll be good.


I started listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno this morning, and i haven’t stopped laughing. Absolutely hilarious show.


I saw that one when i was going through the various charts. I might have to give it a listen.


Update to the above. I’ve rattled my way through the first year of Welcome To Night Vale and really enjoyed it. Liked the way various threads came together and developed as the year went on. I’ll be taking a wee break then listening to the second years worth. Thanks for the recommendation @Sean!


I’ve been continuing to pick through the archives of Chain Reaction on the BBC radio iPlayer recently - the interview series where the interviewee of one week becomes the interviewer the next, and picks their own interviewee - and thoroughly enjoying them.

One of the best ones I’ve listened to is one from a few years ago involving Graham Linehan (of Father Ted, Big Train and IT Crowd fame, among others), and Adam Buxton, erstwhile writing partner of Joe Cornish on the Adam & Joe show on Channel 4 and their 6music radio show. I like both of them and their work a lot, and hearing them chat was really interesting and illuminating.

It talks about their working methods (including quite candidly about how Linehan’s working relationship with Father Ted writing partner Arthur Matthews eventually broke down, and about how Adam and Joe’s writing relationship worked), how it can be difficult to find inspiration, how the creative process works, Adam’s feelings about Joe Cornish going on to Hollywood success (again, quite candidly, if half-joking a lot of the time), professional jealousy, the effect of social media on their work, and loads more. It really is quite an unusually open and interesting conversation.

You can listen to the whole thing here if you’re interested:

(Interestingly I just found out that the two are currently collaborating on a project for Channel 4.)

Oh, and the archives of Chain Reaction are well worth raiding, not least for great stuff like this chat between Stewart Lee and Alan Moore (I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth posting again):


Have you listened at all to Buxton’s own podcast? The jingles are great as would be expected.


No, I used to listen to a bit of his radio show but his podcast is another one of those ones that I’ve been meaning to get round to for ages now.

His musical stuff has always been great (and Joe’s). I loved Song Wars.

I think this should be our new national anthem:


I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Very much in the vein of the Chain Reaction interviews.

He has a deft way of mixing the daft and irreverant with real honesty and insight.


Thanks, I’ll bump it to the top of my list. :slight_smile:


I’ve listened to the first couple of instalments to the Mega City book club ( ) a 2000AD podcast. Simple set up - a couple of folks talking about a different collected edition each week - but interesting to hear other folks thoughts on books I’ve read myself.

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