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Podcasts! What's Good?


I listened to the Ross Noble two parter last night and this morning. Really good and liked the fact it was about the comedian craft rather than just a random chat.


I’ve also checked out Serial based on the above chat too and am about halfway through series one. I know nothing about the case and I’ve found it absolutely compelling listening. It’s also heartbreaking at times too (though the focus of where my sympathy lies shifts from episode to episode).


One of the great things about it is that shifting perspective. In the end, the series ends up being as much about that as the case itself.


Eleven O Clock Comics is one I’ve found through this thread…I almost enjoy when they talk about wrestling, tv shows, etc more than I do when they talk about comics.


I now have about two years of episodes to catch up on - I don’t think it will happen, but I went through a several year period of listening to the new episode each and every week.


Yeah, 11 o c is a daily ritual for me as k walk from the train station to my office. I love those guys.


During our southwest holiday last week, during the long drives between destinations we listened to Jason Weiser’s Myths and Legends podcasts. Really entertaining and informative stuff. Each episode has a main feature (my favorites were about Norse mythology, King Arthur’s backstory, and the story of Rapunzel), plus a short “creature of the week” segment delving into things like leprechauns, the Panangalan, and other assorted monsters and ghosts.


My only gripe with Eleven O Clock is that they will barely mutter the title of the comic they’re about to talk about, talk about it in depth for 30 minutes and never repeat the title, thus I forget what it was they’re talking about.


That and vince does tend to go on a bit, which is ok if it’s something I’m interested in, but if it’s some obscure indie book with a concept I’m not overly interested in, and he’s talking about it for half an hour, i often just fast forward thru it it.


Never heard of that but I will check it out.


That sounds really interesting. My wife is really interested in myths. I imagine that she might enjoy that.

Cheers Jerry.


I’ve moved away from listening to music whilst running and listen to podcasts instead. I always liked Kevin Smiths writing. I really loved his 90’s Daredevil. His podcasts are witty and always enthusiastic. Whilst I don’t recall hearing him rubbish anything, he is super generous to his guests and comes across (repeat in a monotone) as one of us.

I was listening to his interview with Joe Quesada whilst riding to work this morning. Both super complimentary about Mark, his work ethic and from Joe, his prowess as a business man.

I’m unlikely to meet mr Millar but I like his work and his the way he comes across here. Thought it nice to here other top pros giving MM kudos. That is all. Steve.


You should try the awesome comics podcast.
Good laugh and all about comics, independent ones too which makes a nice change!

The Pete & Sebastian show is really good too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Two stand up comedian just shooting the breeze making each other laugh.

Also, why didn’t they laugh with Owen Benjamin…really runny & REALLY intelligent stuff.


Always up for a suggestion. I’ll get downloading


You can always listen to the awesome podcast episode when cough I was a guest! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve started listening to the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast this week. Quite a nice show. The hosts are two animators that both worked for Disney in the 90s, one was the creator (or lead animator/designer, I think) of Mushu on Mulan and the other brother did the same for Pumbaa and Kronk.

The show’s a mix of discussion of topics about the animation industry, anecdotes from working it and interviews with friends, colleagues and others in the industry, like Aaron Blaise and Brad Bird, and some actors even (Ming-Na and Patrick Warburton for instance, but I’ve not got to those yet). The latest episode is an interview with the directors of the new Angry Birds movie.


Listen to John Hendrick, Burno and Ryan Higgins Talk about Comics with Gar cummings of


I’ve been enjoying Bob Mortimer’s ‘football’ podcast, Athletico Mince.

The inverted commas are because it pays almost no attention to football at all. There is at least 3 times as much content about air fryers and chicken dippers. They promise at least 8% football chat though, which they have failed to do on many occasions and been rebuked accordingly.


The same reason I used to enjoy Baddiel & Skinner on Fantasy Football so much! Most of the time the football stuff was largely beside the point.


Anyone tried the Black List Table Reads before?