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Podcasts! What's Good?


The latest one by Radiolab was really good (apart from the weak ending with some unfunny comediennes). A little Robert Krulwich goes a long way for me, but the story of the whole of life on Earth stemming from an almost impossible accident is a fascinating one.


For The Nerdist and WTF I subscribe to them both but only listen to the episodes where the guest is of interest to me and delete the rest.

Adam Buxton’s one was an interesting companion piece because it had Kathy Burke who is a longtime friend of Oldman’s (and star of Nil By Mouth) and she’s incredibly frank. She said that when he was drinking she thought he was a twat and wanted nothing to do with him.


How weird was it hearing Oldman just talk in his normal voice?


The Nerdist can be a chore to listen to sometimes… And his cohost at times had this cackling laugh that annoys the snot out of me.


Thanks for reminding me of the WTF podcast - the David Simon one is fascinating (have read both Homicide and The Corner so loving the insight behind it).


I’ve been listening too The Why Factor, a BBC World a Service show / podcast, a lot recently. Short (18 min) instalments on a huge variety of subjects.

Listened to a handful already:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Radio requests
  • Talking about death
  • Why do we wear ties?
  • Tutoring


I didn’t listen to season one of Serial but season two about Bowe Bergdahl was fantastic.


Starting to feel like some podcasts can be a little like killing time, so headed over to Audible for the free first month (trying email address no.2) - found The Way Of Kings - 45 hours of audiobook for free! The walk to work will be great (I’ve heard good things and not read it).


I have been listening to Welcome to Night Vale, which is the Addams Family meets public radio. Listen to the first couple… if those aren’t your cup of tea, then you know you can just stop.


I liked season one a lot but haven’t tried the second yet. Is it all done now?


You should check out season one, I actually liked it more than season two (and I enjoyed season two).

I really like that they came at the Bergdahl thing with a completely open mind.


Still highly recommend Seincast if you’re at all a fan of Seinfeld (TV show). I just listened to them cover an episode I’ve always hated and was glad to find that neither of them liked it either.

It helps that the hosts are likeable, the show is well put together, and they’re old friends so there’s no meanness or awkwardness.


Comedian’s comedian podcast with Stu Goldsmith. Some great guests for sure, it’s sort of like WTF for the UK.


I wish I had more time for podcasts but the only one I catch regularly is the Joe Rogan Experience. Been watching that one for years. (I don’t care for his hunting-centric episodes.)

I really enjoy podcasts but I just don’t have the time. My previous job allowed for me to listen to podcasts during work but I don’t have that luxury in my current job. Sometimes I wish I could just find myself a data entry position where I could zone out with headphones on.


Yeah it’s finished. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


It’s the strength of the show really, while some were upset by the inconclusiveness of season 1 of Serial I valued that they approached from all angles. By the end I don’t think anyone knew if he was innocent or not, most had to come to the conclusion that it was an unsound conviction though.

I have to be honest I gave up on the Bergdahl one after the second episode, I think it was missing the air of mystery of the first series because the story was so public. I should give it a second chance.


You really should. They present info that paints a much more complex picture than I could have imagined.


I know virtually nothing about the case apart from a few broad details so I’ll look forward to learning more about it. That’s this evening’s listening sorted. Cheers Will.


No worries. I had read a lot about the case but they put together quite a bit that hasn’t been publicized and presented all sides without bias.


I didn’t either. That’s actually the best way to go into it, I think,