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Podcasts! What's Good?


Scriptnotes with John August and Craig Mazin is great for the screenwriting folks.


Jocko Winnick has a new podcast. I’ve listened to the first two and it’s pretty much what I expected. He has great stories and insight but still finding his delivery. It’s still great though.
If Batman were real he’d be Jocko.


I’ve been listening to the comicbookcast podcast. They also have a comic centric show which is blood sweat comics. They’re on YouTube so you can check them out. I’ve also been listening to the weekly pull podcast and the weekly planet. They’re all good stuff. :slightly_smiling:


Love Shane Smith… But yeah, makes you want to move to a mountain next to a fresh water source…


If nobody has heard either “Epic Comicast” or “The League of Geeks”, they’re both well done and produced podcasts surrounding geek culture and news. Very relatable and just sound like normal people discussing the things they enjoy, plus it makes you almost feel like you’re there, I find myself commenting/agreeing/arguing with them, almost to the point where it’s made me want to start a podcast of my own. They’re both fantastic for geeks and comic enthusiasts.


I listen to podcasts a ton, but this seems like a bit too much to start checking out, could you give me a short synopsis of what each show is like/made up of?



1.Silence is a UK-based comics podcast hosted by Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die. It combines zany, often surreal comedy with great reviews of recent comics. They have a great knowledge of the UK indie comics scene but also manage to pull on guests like Kieren Gillen.
2.Wait, What? is a US-based podcast (although one of their hosts is a Scot) and they exhaustively discuss comics and comics-related culture. They also produce The Baxter Building podcast, too, which has been a thoroughly engaging read-through of the FF from issue 1.
3.The Comic Conspiracy is a US-based podcast produced by the owner and customers of a comics shop in California. They have passionate arguments over comics and there’s a deliberate Marvel/DC rivalry set up between the panel. It’s good as it gets you really interested in titles you might not be picking up.
4.Comic Geek Speak is a long-running New York-based podcast which reviews a handful of comics each week - but is much more interesting in their regular Spotlight episodes that examine the history of a character or title. One of their panel has a PHD in Crisis on Infinite Earths, I believe). They have a great theme tune.
5.House to Astonish is a monthly UK-based podcast that covers comic-related news then discusses a handful of recent comics. Again, it’s the passion and interest of the hosts that makes this podcast worth listening to.
6.iFanboy is one of the longest-running US podcasts. Three friends chose a pick of the week and then talk through that week’s other comics. They each have (more or less) an interest in Marvel (Ron), DC (Connor) and indie comics (Josh) and at one point seemed to be turning iFanboy into a bit of a media Empire.


Getting into Seincast lately - I guess it’s been a while since I’ve rewatched the show regularly so I was hungry for some discussion and analysis (it’s one of my all time favourite shows - top 5).

It’s one of those “review one episode of a show per podcast episode” podcasts. One for each of the 180 episodes of Seinfeld, plus season wrap-ups. Two guys run it, and they know entire episodes by heart - one will quote a line from a random ep, and the other will quote the follow-up. They detail the filmography of all minor supporting actors in any given episode (including the “double dippers” - actors who appeared in more than one episode as different characters), and even identify sets that were re-used. I love this stuff.

I’m not listening to them in order though, just picking favourite eps as desired. The season 4 two-part opener “The Trip” was my last pair. Amazing TV, brilliant podcast.


Adam Butxon posted a two part podcast on Bowie. Heartfelt without ever being mawkish.


It was really good and I agree on the tone, he managed to spin between awe, sadness and silliness and back again very well.


Jocko Podcast by BJJ and SEAL legend Jocko Willink along with Echo Charles. For the one or two of you who may not have heard of him, he was the commander of Task Unit Bruiser in Iraq where his team fought in Ramadi (Chris Kyle was on his team) during some of the worst fighting there. He’s been around the BJJ and MMA world for a couple of decades, too.
He reads an excerpt from a book from various sources such as Shakespeare and Patton and turns that into a conversation on leadership, life and how its relevance to the listener.
He has a staccato, rhythmic delivery that is intense and powerful.


Very much enjoyed this WTF pod with Sacha Baron Cohen, gives a very nice behind the scenes peek of his career:


Yeah that one was good because he almost never appears as himself so I thought he’d be very guarded but wasn’t particularly.


Yeah, I don’t recall ever hearing him talk about his life that way. All the legal stuff with the making of Borat was pretty fascinating too.

Now I sort of wish I’d seen Grimsby while it was in theaters.


Gary Oldman is on The Nerdist podcast this week and he gets all emotional (David Bowie was a good pal of his)


Listened to it yesterday. It was really good.


I’d heard of this podcast before (wasn’t it the one Obama went on?) but never actually listened. The SBC one was pretty interesting. I might trawl back through his back catalogue and pick out a few more interesting sounding ones.


There are some good ones (Judd Apatow and Robin Williams were among my favorites) but if you listen a lot it does get old.


I’ll check those two out. Thanks.


They are probably behind a paywall at this point.