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Podcasts! What's Good?


Thanks, I think I’ve heard of You Must Remember This and meant to check it out.

The Canon intrigued me but hearing the female critic bash Goodfellas for the duration was infuriating - a contrarian for contrarianism’s sake. The episode about whether The Godfather Trilogy deserves to be in the Canon or if it should just be I and II was good, with some great insights about the politics around Godfather III being made and how its plot reflects Coppola’s situation - it actually made me want to rewatch part III for the first time ever.

I was there too - I’ve mentioned it before; interviews with small players from big films - such as Johnny Roastbeef from Goodfellas and Vasquez from Aliens (who went on to appear in at least two further James Cameron films).


I have a couple that I listen to reguarly,

Critjuice - a group of comedians playing D&D with the addition of drinking and intergrated drinking rules as part of the game.
The Cardboard Console - a podcast about board games and video games that a pair of my gaming groups regulars do. They also have a wildcard section to discuss anything else they have been interested in recently. They recently changed the format and do some form of top 3 list and topic discussion on alternate weeks with the regular show format for the remainder. It is cool hearing events from our groups gaming sessions discuss, especially the Dead of Winter story.
The Dice Tower - board game news and reviews.
I round those off with Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble-On and Jay & Silent Bob Get Old.


That’s a great one. I love the host. He and Matt Mira do James Bonding, which is a fantastic James Bond podcast.


I’m not a big enough Bond fan to pursue that one, though I enjoyed their input into a Bond-based episode of “How did this get made?” (on one of my favourite Bond films, View to a Kill).


Rogan’s guest list is extremely illuminating. Sure he has his regulars and comedians which are always fun to listen to, but I’ve discovered so many people from his podcasts. Dan Carlin, Shane Smith, Crowder, Rhonda Patrick, Daniele Bolleli, etc… Plus he plugs any other podcasts he finds interesting, which is how I ran into Radiolab.

I think Rogan and Scott Mosier have to be some of the most intellectually stimulating people on podcasts, bar none…


I love how he will have guys on there that he doesn’t agree with but he shows how he can disagree with what they say while still being respectful. He can call someone out on their bullshit or flat out disagree and it doesn’t devolve into shouting or name calling.


Thanks again for Goodfellas Minute (a concept they admit they stole from Star Wars minute - I’m not a big enough Warsie to look into that but others here might be) - I had not heard of this podcast and I love it. I love minutiae, I love the idea of knowing all there is to know about a piece of art; this provides that - 10-15 minute episodes each focused on one minute of film.

Strangely on iTunes episode 29 is missing.

Though I’m not sure he’s a podcast guy, @Mark_Millar would love this.


How did I forget “Hello from the Magic Tavern.”

Its done by a group of Chicago Improv people. The conceit is that the main guy fell through a magic portal behind a Burger King and was teleported to the magical land of Foon.

Start from the beginning. It is hilarious



I’ve been addicted to listening to LPOTL since I saw it posted here. Insanely funny. But man, if you’re offended by anything, don’t listen to it.


11 O’Clock Comics is my favourite podcast.

I dip into a few others when I get time but I listen to this religiously and I’ve been doing so for about, I dunno, maybe 5 or 6 years,

It might seem bizarre but I feel these 3 guys (used to be 4, but the big, dour, resident hipster left the show about a year ago (thankfully, because he was wearing me down, as was his taste in bland American soft rock) are part of my life now, I’m so used to their voices at least once a week.

It’s funny, they have amazing rapport, they really analyse stuff and when they are critical I’m often amazed at the depth they go into to explain why the enjoyed something or not, they cover a broad range of stuff, come from different backgrounds and just generally sound like people I’d like to hang out with myself.

It’s great, you should check it out.

Also the 2000ad podcast is fab and Starburst radio podcast is very good also for cult to and movies etc.


I miss Chris Neseman on the show. He brought something unique and helped balance out the right-wingers. And he never struck me a a hipster - have you seen what he looks like?

His craft beer recommendations were also interesting.

He did fall asleep “on air” that one time but to be fair, sometimes Vince goes on for way too long about a throwaway gore comic or film.


I’ve got a picture of him in my head, but it was more his attitude towards comics in general over his last few months. He just moaned constantly and I felt he was bringing the other 3 down. I also felt he started to become dismissive of stuff in the end.

Vince does go on a bit, but I love the guy. His ability to articulate, particularly when it comes to art, is very impressive at times.

I miss Chris before he was bitter, it was a better show when all 4 where on form.


That’s fair enough - I’m so far behind that Chris hasn’t left yet.

I love all of them - it’s odd how you can form such a connection with people you’ve never met.


Yeah, I feel like I know them, it’s a very odd scenario.

If you keep listening you will notice Chris becoming more and more cynical until the point he leaves. It’s a real shame, because in his peak he was great, as was his own show, Around Comics, which I also listened to regularly.


Around Comics was enjoyable, the rare podcast where I’ve kept and will re-listen to old episodes (those featuring Sal Abbinanti) - he occasionally pops up in “Comic Geek Speak” (as Uncle Sal) but for two reasons they are difficult to listen to - 1.) He’s on the phone, so the volume is inconsistent and sometimes his words are unclear, and 2.) one of the regular hosts has an incredibly loud laugh that is painful to hear over headphones (so much louder than anything else, and quite high-pitched/piercing).


Yeah Pants laugh is hard to listen to, and does make some of the older episodes a bit of a chore, but it’s got better with time…Comic Geek Speak used to be one of my favourites, but it’s not really been the same since Jaime died. Sort of feels like they do it out of habit more that for the enjoyment of it now.


I’ve downloaded a couple of the Empire podcasts. Listened to their “spoiler special” on Mad Max. Have the Star Wars: TFA and an Alan Rickman one still to go. Does anyone know if the podcast panel stays the same? The main guy on the one I listened to was ok but the two other folks involved annoyed me a bit.


Chris Hewitt (the main guy) is usually there, unless he’s on holiday/on a set visit, but the others change.


Good stuff, I’ll keep on with them then.


When Shane Smith is on the joe rogan experience it makes me want to build a bunker and stockpile canned goods.