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Podcasts! What's Good?


You all should listen to the awesome comics podcast…
It’s good…
Oh, and I was a guest on last weeks show…just saying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Doug Loves Movies is a favorite, jammed full of funny people talking about movies (the episode featuring Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd was one I usually point people to to try but it looks like it’s no longer on the main free feed of the site).

The Nerdist Writer’s Panel talks primarily to TV writers, and the sister podcast Nerdist Comics Panel talks to comics writers.

And Jeff Goldsmith’s The Q&A is interviews with directors and writers.


Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman is pretty fun but NSFW. (be sure to listen to the Neal Adams episodes!) Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know is interesting and fun too, but they aren’t as potty-mouthed as Smith.

ASC magazine has pretty great podcasts with cinematographers if you’re into filmmaking.


Here are a few that have become regulars in my rotation.

Last Podcast on the Left is pretty great. It’s a NSFW comedy podcast that focuses on things like conspiracy theories, serial killers, and the supernatural.

Sword and Scale is my favorite true crime podcast. The host seemingly does it all on his own, and the production and research quality is on point.

I’ve also been listening to two really good serialized fiction podcasts. I’ve heard The Black Tapes described as Serial (another great podcast) meets X-Files, and I’d say that’s spot on. The same people have also created a second show called Tanis, which scratches that scary/occult/paranormal/mystery story itch I often get.



I recommend We Hate Movies and The Flop House if you like How Did This Get Made

Kevin Smith’s Fat Man on Batman is good for geeky news. He also did commentaries on Batman, Batman Returns and Batman and Robin that are a lot of fun to sync up and listen to.

And his latest show Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs (Frasier Reconsidered) is worth a listen if you like Frasier

iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast is always good for comics reviews and funny banter. And there new show Goodfellas Minute, is a fun minute by minute breakdown of Goodfellas.


Last Podcast on the Left is brilliant. Very dark but informative to.


I have listened to them all now since coming across them a few months ago. Always entertaining.


Drawn Out is another one I’ve come across recently. One of the recent interviews was with Frank Quitely and I’m working my way through the ones I’ve missed.


I’ve listened to a lot of comics podcasts and recommend these as definitely worth listening to (it’s a mix of British and US shows):

2.Wait, What? (they also produce The Baxter Building podcast, too)
3.The Comic Conspiracy
4.Comic Geek Speak (especially their Spotlight episodes)
5.House to Astonish


House to Astonish is a regular listen for me. I know they have a lot of mentions in this thread, but if you want an idea of a typical episode (which come out every three or four weeks), they run for about an hour and a half, with just the two (British) hosts recording in person (it’s not one of those Skype ones).

They spend the first ~30 minutes with a wrap-up of comics news since the last episode, including a run-down of key solicitations from Previews, the next ~30 reviewing two comics, always #1 issues, and the final ~30 on their “Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe”, where they pick an obscure character from the OHOTMU and try to revamp them; it’s usually for comedic effect but sometimes they do come up with a decent treatment.

Oh and there are no ads, or “rude” content, fine to play at work. A bugbear? Despite repeated advice they still mispronounce Liefeld.

11 O’Clock Comics is a weekly show (and it is one of those Skype ones) with three longtime (American) pals talking comics. They cover lots of ground (eps are usually just over the 2 hour mark) and there’s no focus on new releases necessarily - it’s basically a case of “What have you been reading/watching?” and they go from there - this could be the latest DC crossover, manga from the 80s, a webcomic, an indie book, a horror movie from the 70s, Arrow, or a silver age reprint collection. I’ve been introduced by the show to a lot of things that I would otherwise not have, and for the most part the hosts’ tastes are diverse enough that there’s something for everyone. There’s a recited ad at the start and end of each episode but it’s not too obtrusive. There’s lots of swearing and sexual content so not one to have playing in the background at most workplaces or near kids.

The hosts did veer into politics at some point a few years back and that left a bad taste in my mouth - I went from being a weekly listener to pretty much abandoning it for a year - I’m currently almost two years behind, but the focus on old, random work means that old episodes are still worth a listen if something in the description grabs you.


The Canon- Devin Faraci(who used to post here and was a bit of a belligerent jerk at the time but who is a movie critic I trust) and Amy Nicheloson discuss which movies should be in the canon of greatest films of all time.

You Must Remember This- Great old hollywood stories. The 10 part Charles Manson series is awesome.

Nerdist- Of course.

X-Files Files- Kumail Nanjiani talks X-Files.


Thanks for all the great recommendations. I’ve been binge listening the Rachel and Miles X Men one and find it very enjoyable. Although their rapidfire delivery sounds off and scripted and sort of annoying to me, but the content is nice.


It can be a tricky line in podcasts, too many can be rambling and all over the place. Some try too hard to be slick radio shows and ‘perform’.

In comics podcasts both iFanboy and House to Astonish walk the line well as they have very structured formats and lengths but allow for some banter and digression.

Word Balloon doesn’t really have the time discipline at all but gets away with it because most of the guests are very interesting and John Siuntres is a professional broadcaster in his day job so can carry most things off.


Just going to do a shopping list, search for them if they sound interesting:

Radiolab - poignant or fascinating stories
This American Life
Sidebar - just recently finished, but the best art interviews I’ve heard (Quitely, McKean, pretty much every good comic artist ever)
Guardian Tech Weekly
Kermode & Mayo’s film review show
Radio 4 Front Row Daily
Your Dreams My Nightmares (illustration podcast)


99% Invisible- About design. Really well done and super interesting.


Question for Christian or Ulf any other Germans who might visit this site: do you know any interesting German language podcasts or online radio stations? I need to listen to German to brush up on it.


Joe Rogan Experience. Pirate Life Radio has a similarity to it, which isn’t surprising due to the closeness of Rogan and Tait Fletcher.
If you like MMA and that lifestyle then also Fighter and the Kid, Anik and Florian and Heavy Hands.
Mark Bell’s PowerCast

Tim Ferriss has interesting guests but he comes across as a bit of a douchebag that I can only listen to one every so often.


I got to meet John this summer when he interviewed Mark. Very nice guy. I really need to listen to some more of his podcasts.


No particular order…

  • Joe Rogan
  • Radio Lab
  • This American Life
  • Tell’em Steve Dave
  • Hardcore History (This is just incredible!)
  • Smodcast & Fatman on Batman
  • The Weekly Planet - I lied, this is the best :smile:

Grab that Gem!


I hear people say that the two to three hours (3 more than usual) for Rogan’s podcast is too much, but it’s easily listenable in segments. It’s always interesting; I can think of only two episodes where I ended up not finishing. That he puts out at least two, sometimes three a week is a testament to his conversational skills and the diverse people he lines up.