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Podcasts! What's Good?


Time for me to do a bit of shilling. I launched a podcast Portrait of an Editor. It’s where I interview various comic book editors. You can find it on iTunes –

or Google Play

I’m trying to get as “inside baseball” as possible with the interviews. I’m learining things. Hopefully you do too. Thank you for checking it out.


If you’re into spooky stories, and given the month everyone should, then check out Spooked.


Deadly Manners is a whodunnit that is a cross between an Agatha Christie novel and the movie version of Clue, with a voice cast that includes LeVar Burton, Kristen Bell, RuPaul, and others. A great way to spend a long car ride.


Discovered the comics interview podcast Off Panel lately and since I can’t see a previous mention here, I’ll throw up a post as it’s very good. The host is David Harper, who used to run a website called SKTCHD which seems to have closed down before I found it.

He gets a combination of creators - pretty good, high-profile ones, especially if your taste is at the Image-y end - and other comics-related guests (journalists, comic store owners, John Hendrick from Big Bang was on lately and that was a great ep) and usually have a good chat about their career, projects, the wider comics landscape, etc. It’s on the longer end of things (often up to 1.5 hours) but the conversation usually justifies it for me.


Eep. I never looked at this thread!

But I don’t listen to any podcasts anyway. Well, only to two currently: one is really a radio show about philosophy - which might be right up your alley, come to think of it:

The other one is “Fest und Flauschig”, which is political comedian Jan Böhmermann and musician/comedian Olli Schulz talking about, well, pretty much anything. I like it a lot, but that’s probably very much a matter of taste. It’s produced by Spotify, but you can also find it on podcast apps.


Thanks! I listened to one of the philosophy ones. Some of the German I didn’t understand, but enough to get the gist of it


This is a new podcast series with potential: Room 404. Basically Room 101 (the old one on one version of the format that Nick Hancock and Paul Merton did) for pop culture stuff.

Only one episode so far.


The fellow behind the “Screw it, we’re just gonna talk about the Beatles” podcast has started a second one with his brother where they will discuss each issue of the Lee/Ditko Spidey run.


I realized I put a link up for my podcast, Portrait of an Editor, back in 9/2017. Well, I’ve cranked out a bunch since. For 2/2018, I’m interviewing Dafna Pleban and Bob Schreck. Here’s the Apple Podcats link: