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Podcasts! What's Good?


This sounds interesting, a sense of caution in that it doesn’t have the backing of an established journalistic group like NPR but I’ll try it out.


My wife is a big fan of the Crooked Media podcasts that were established after the last US election - the main one being Pod Save America (a weekly discussion of US politics, hosted by former Obama speechwriters mainly). I don’t listen to it regularly but it’s usually interesting and worth a political junkie’s time. There is of course a progressive/anti-Trump bias.

One of the three hosts of that has a separate show Lovett or leave it which is a bit livelier - the recent episode with guest Stephen Merchant was really funny, so even if you’re not into the politics you might enjoy that one.


Somehow I missed that Radio 4 had done a new series of Chain Reaction earlier this year, so I’ve been catching up on them this weekend.

There’s a fantastic stretch of four episodes in the middle of this series in which Joe Lycett interviews Katherine Ryan (:heart:), then Katherine Ryan (:heart:) interviews Sara Pascoe, who then interviews Harry Hill, and Hill ends up interviewing Tim Vine.

They were all really interesting and illuminating, and also all very funny: I was near crying with laughter in places at the Hill/Vine one in particular (unsurprisingly, their silly sense of humour appeals to me).

It’s such a great series, that always throws up much more interesting material than most interview shows manage. I have a new respect for Sara Pascoe especially, after hearing about the union she’s helped set up to benefit comedians who have been victims of unscrupulous business practices.


For Jon Ronson fans, his new series The Butterfly Effect is up on Audible this Thursday. They’re going to charge for it eventually, but you can pre-order for free:

US link:


The second to most recent “Screw it we’re just gonna talk about the Beatles” was particularly interesting, and the four panellists spoke about a book (Dreaming the Beatles) and really went into gender roles and the fan experience for a male versus a female.

The two women didn’t like the book (which was written by a male journalist from Rolling Stone), which the two guys did.

They also revealed a few facts about George Harrison that really ruined him for some of the panellists (and kinda for me too).


I’ve listened to the first couple of these and they were ok. The stories didn’t blow me away bit they were an agreeable enough way of passing a commute.

Television News & Miscellany

I love all the IGN podcasts. If you’re a Pokemon fan It’s Super Effective is great, and I cannot get enough of the Myths and Legends podcast.

I also have a Pop Culture (video games, comics and interviews) podcast called HACK THE DINO because you can never self promote too much, right?

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I’ve started working my way through the Fatman On Batman podcasts and was wondering if people had recommendations of particularly good episodes. Having started with the Grant Morrison episodes I get the sense that it’s one of those podcasts that will depend largely on the guest to determine how good each episode is (as Smith mostly seems happy to sit back and let his guest talk, which I quite appreciated).

So are there any particularly good ones or should I just keep picking through the ones with favourite creators and personalities?


The Jim Lee and Greg Capullo ones I recall as being pretty good, I think the whiffs of Smith’s joint made Lee loosen up and he goes into some interesting behind the scenes stuff (like being offered the top job at Marvel).

Neal Adams is worth it for comedy value due to his enormous ego, you will discover he originated everything in comics. :smile:


Thanks, I’ll try those ones.

It is quite funny how Smith’s contributions (in the Morrison episodes anyway) largely revolve around regularly clicking his lighter, taking loud drags, and saying “oh my gaaaawd” and “I’m gonna cry” at regular intervals. It works though, it gives his guest a chance to talk at length in a relaxed and unguarded way, which is what you want really.


You’ll notice as well he pretends to be more ignorant than he is, it must be to fit as a surrogate for the audience. I thought it may have been he was super stoned but on his later podcasts with Marc Bernadin he knows issue numbers and relatively obscure comics facts but in his interviews he’s like he’s only read 3 comics in his life. :smile:


Yeah, he’s clearly knowledgeable but (again, as a good interviewer should) in the Morrison episodes he always asks his subject to explain ideas or concepts that they mention that the listener might not be familiar with, even when Smith probably knows exactly what they’re referring to. There’s a reason he’s a popular interviewer and host, he’s good at it.


I find Kevin Smith a bit irritating but the set-up of the podcast sounds like it might be worth a listen…


I found the commentaries they did on the earlier Batman films to be pretty funny.


The episode with Mark Hamill is very good and I really enjoyed the Bruce Timm one as well. Linking to that episode with the voice of Batman from Batman: The Animated Series is good because the focus is much wider, for him Batman was just another job.


Yeah, I’ve long been a fan of Jim Lee but never really knew much about how he started - really interesting stuff.

Ditto Capullo - he’s very open and honest about his family life growing up; it wasn’t nice, but he channelled it into a work ethic that’s made him one of the biggest and best in the business.


I remembered that the Capullo ones also work well in tandem with the Scott Snyder ones. They are very chalk and cheese characters, Snyder is kind of meek and thoughtful and Capullo is quite blunt and forthright. They tell both sides of how they initially really didn’t get on and were close to ending the book/partnership but are now genuinely best pals.


Did I ever recommend Still Untitled: The Adam Savage podcast? Because it’s great. 30-60 minutes each week, Adam Savage plus one or two people from his YouTube channel Tested, and the occasional guest from further afield. They talk about everything from pop culture to science and engineering to social issues. It’s always amusing and interesting stuff.


That reminds me that I forgot to recommend ‘Surprisingly Nice’.

Each episode Travis McElroy (from My Brother My Brother And I, and Adventure Zone) and Hal Lublin interview someone that they are a fan of. The conversations are very down to earth and generally discuss how the interviewee ended up in their career. The podcast is free but there is an extended version which can be paid for, the great thing about that is that the proceeds go to a charity of the interviewees choice.
The first episode is with Adam Savage and is a really good listen.


“Westerbros” - a bro- centered Game Of Thrones podcast had me in stitches.