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Podcasts! What's Good?


What’s good?
I’ve got my wrestling-related ones I will check out from time to time:

  • Both Stone Cold podcasts
    -Colt Cabana
    -Jim Ross
    -Chris Jericho

And my funny guy stuff
-How Did This Get Made? (Funny guys from FX’s “The League” dissect horrible movies)
-Adam Carolla Show
-Joe Rogan
-Guys We F*&*&ed

  • U Talking U2 To Me? (Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott talk about U2)
    -Analyze Phish (Scott Aukerman and Harris Wittels- Wittels tries to get Scott to like Phish)
    -Go Bayside (April Richardson dissects Saved By The Bell)

Fatman on Batman

I’m a fan of The Geekshow Podcast. The guys are quite entertaining and tend to go off on tangents but it’s all about the geek stuff and it’s fun! :smile:


I listen to the 2000AD Thrillcast religiously each week.

I’m also working my way through Scroobious Pip’s back catalogue after @garjones mentioned hin a whiles back.


Dan Berry’s Make It Then Tell Everybody.


I listen to different gaming podcasts like Ken and Robin talk about stuff. For comics, Word Balloon feels very real. I enjoy Planet Money, Nerdist, WTF with Marc Maron and This American Life. And lately I have been addicted to Judge John Hodgman. I have an hour commute to work, so there are lots of filler podcasts as well.


Time to shill my own


Screen junkies Movie Fights


Word Balloon has some great interviews on it from time to time.


I listen to loads as I commute and work:

iFanboy pick of the week. The 3 guys are old pals have a very good rapport which makes this comics review show funny. It’s also keeps a nice discipline when so many geek podcasts can be people rambling on aimlessly at times.

For interview shows I listen to Scroobius Pip, WTF, Nerdist and Word Balloon but pick and choose the people I’m interested in most of the time rather than listen to all of them. I listen to all of the Richard Herring Leicester Square Theatre podcasts and the Shambles ones from Robin Ince and Josie Long.

Documentary style stuff is This American Life, Radiolab, Freakonomics.

Radio shows released as podcasts I also listen to are Kermode and Mayo’s film show, BBC Friday Night Comedy and Infinite Monkey Cage.


I’ve been meaning to make a start on these for a while. A huge back catalogue there though. Not sure I’d ever get caught up!


I mainly only listen to House to Astonish, which is the best comics podcast around. Rachel and Miles X-Plain The X-Men is good, but I don’t listen to it much, as it’s essentially spoilers for comics I mostly haven’t read yet.

They both did a crossover event recently with about seven other podcasts, some of which seemed quite good and I keep meaning to check them out properly - Wait, What?, Less Than Live With Kate Or Die. Not Journey Into Misery though, the name of which I suspect was meant to be ironic, but is actually entirely apt. Their main host seemed to be on every episode of that cross-over event and was consistently rubbish.


I’ve been listening from pretty much the start but you could go in and do a greatest hits of each series with the biggest guests.

There are quite a few recurring jokes but not really a narrative so it should be fine that way.



Fatman on Batman is a great podcast hosted by Kevin Smith discussing comics and even hosting comic creators.


F This Movie! is one of the best film podcasts I’ve listened to. Afterbuzz does TV podcasts that are really good. They can be a bit overenthusiastic verging on just promoting the shows (I’ve listened to their Daredevil and Jessica Jones podcasts), but they go pretty deep with their analysis, making up for it. The Moviefilm Podcast is entertaining, too.


I dived in with the Stewart Lee one. Funny stuff so will continue on picking and choosing my way through the list.


Josie Long and Robin Ince’s ‘Book Shambles’ started up a month or so ago - great guests (In the last five they’ve had Stewart Lee, Sara Pascoe, Laura Dockrill, Owen Jones and Salena Godden) talking about the books they love. I’ve not managed to get through an episode without buying more to fill my shelves.


Don’t miss the Stephen Merchant one, they jokingly start taking the piss out of each other and it somewhat escalates and to this day Herring isn’t sure if he hugely offended him but thinks he probably did.

It’s amusing because Herring isn’t a particularly confrontational interviewer, he’s just silly more than anything.


To be fair, that’s how Merchant usually deals with people. So he should have a bit thicker skin. :wink:


That’s why I, and Herring it seems, can’t be quite certain it wasn’t all part of the act.

Merchant (and Gervais) have long made a living out of blurring the lines between their real selves and their performances.