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PJ Holden's Art Dump


Orky bloke.

The Kiss. Did this a couple of years ago, possibly my high point…

TERRAN OMEGA, drawn as part of a Broken Frontier anthology.


great stuff.

Do you have pages as an example?


I have THOUSANDS of pages! (possibly, I haven’t counted, but certainly there’s A LOT!)

Here’s something - a three pages of a four page future shock from 2000AD…

And I’ve drawn a LOT of Judge Dredd over the years…


Always love your stuff PJ !


Hope you don’t mind me butting in like this @pjholden but I figured this would be an ideal opportunity to share the Dredd of Future Past piece you did for me a couple years back.

Really happy with the piece!


No wonder your happy @Bruce ! That’s a fantastic piece.


Your Klimpt inspired piece is awesome.


Thanks for the kind words! They are ALWAYS appreciated!

I’ll see if I can find some more lesser-seen-works and post them up.


Here’s some line art from the book Dept of Monsterology: Monsterology 101 (currently available at a knock down price on comixology! Comixology UK | Comixology US )

and the pencis for the trade


I love ‘The Kiss’ PJ, a great image.


This is my new favourite thread.


Continuing my trawl through folders of things unseen (or at least little seen)…

The Black Terror (as most may know, the black terror is character that resides in the Public domain, I knew nothing about the character beyond the name and skull and cross bones motif when I did this.)

This version of the Black Terror is a US volunteer fighting for the allies during the early parts of WWII (before the US joined in). At this point in the war he’s just a human fighting supernatural nazis, later he becomes part of the Manhatten project, a project that was really about opening a doorway to interndimensional space, somehow something weird and chuloid becomes entangled within him and he really does become the Black Terror.
(Logo hand drawn then distressed and fiddled with in Photoshop… I do love doing logos… I also designed the Dept of Monsterology logo… )


I absolutely love it. I wrote some Black Terror stories a while back as a kind of Oral history sort of thing.

I love the designs. And anyone who doesn’t appreciate a superhero fighting Nazi werewolves is no friend of mine. :wink:


I’d read the shit out of that. :wink:


Fantastic work PJ, you really are a pro! Hopefully I can get up to this standard with some hard work :smiley:


Morning! Todays archive trawl, a joker colour piece done for funsies, and a couple of pages from Samizdat Squad for 2000AD, that were me greywashing using diluted indian ink (Never again… probably)


Hey, just been told Dept of Monsterology: Sabbaticals (this is the second book) where the teams meet Yetis, Pygmy Hitler Clones riding Dinosaurs, and a mysterious haunted time travelling Scottish mansion is now on Comixology. Here’s a UK Link and a US Link.

And here’s some art …

And one of my fav pages:


This is what I was drawing like 16 years ago. Illustrations for a role playing game (and before zombies took over the world via the walking dead tv show…)


Hey, how ya been? good? good.

Numbercruncher, the time twisty tale of romance where the hero is the soul collecting hard bastard trying to put a stop to it, written by Si Spurrier is currently on sale on comixology here (Along with a bunch of other great creator owned works published by titan).

Here’s some of the artwork - Warren Ellis called this “The best work of [Holden’s] career”. I intend to have a long career and prove that to be called too early, but that’s what he said…

Cover roughs for the Judge Dredd Megazine (it was originally featured in that illustrious mag)

The whole story takes place in the real world and the after life, the after life is a black and white and greyscale bureaucratic nightmare world, the real world is b&w with lush Jordie Bellaire colours.

You should buy it.



That’s really interesting. Is there a reason for that choice? it is similar to what Powell and Pressburger did in the movie A Matter of Life and Death.

And I shall purchase said book without further delay. This seems to have been in the Megazine before I started reading, but sounds great. Thank you for the head’s up.