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Lord of the Flies meets Lord of the Rings

The world of Middengaard has been devastated by war. Elves, men, orcs, wizards, halflings and imps clash in battle with no end in sight. Irrespective what each side may be fighting for, the war has devastated the land and forced many to flee into Myrkvior, the vast Northern wilderness where no one rules, to find sustenance and shelter. Here deserters from the armies encounter refugees from the devastated townships and villages. There is no way to know which army a soldier may have belonged to and alliances form easily between men and orcs or elves and imps when both need each other to survive, and former friends may become deadly enemies depending upon the hardships they face in this untamed land.


A samurai, a ninja & the town drunk form an unlikely friendship during a quest to find ancient tome which has them traveling the 7 levels of hell. Comedy ensues as the 3 have save each other from their own personal hell. It’s a Rom-Com


The Samurai refuses to speak directly to the Ninja, so they have to use the town drunk to communicate to each other. Only he can’t understand their accents so he makes up most of what they say and this constantly leads to misunderstandings and fights.



Tayara a world both much like and very different from our own is defined by the laws of magic. It’s many races, from elf to man, dwarf to ogre, rule and protect their domains with secret magical principles known only to their select mages. This balance of power is thrown into disarray when a strange artifact falls from the sky. A complex device forged by obviously intelligent but alien hands, it appears to have been made completely without the use of magic confounding the wisest sages of the land. Its discovery kept secret from the populace, the elder mages of light (elves, men and dwarves) assemble their best students and put them to the test. The aim, kept hidden from the students themselves, is to assemble a crew capable of crossing the vast gulf of space to seek out the origin of this confounding artifact, discover who sent it and why. Those who overcome the trials will be the first “astromages” to ever leave the world of Tayar and go on an unimaginably dangerous voyage, but unknown to them and their masters, spies from the mages of the dark lands have infiltrated the contests to sabotage the mission.


Ghosts vs Zombies

The zombie apocalypse has descended upon humanity. Undead corpses are walking the streets, eating brains and eradicating humans. But this time the undead have an enemy: the real dead. In a small American town, the actual ghosts are taking great exception to their bodies rising from the grave without permission and eating the ghosts’ favourite haunting victims.

It’s disembodied souls vs soulless bodies in the biggest clash of gore and ectoplasm since… well, since nothing really because this idea is completely unique and a sure-fire winner.


David - Phil has a few questions:

Hi Dave, can I call you Dave? What about Davey? Okay, Davey - Davey Babey 3 questions: Quesion A: CgI or No CGI? I mean obviously CGI, but are we doing this Pixar animation or Ghostbusters? You know, the new Feig movie? Question II, we going kids movie or we picking up the Deadpool bandwagon … R is In, you dig? Did I say 3 questions? I meant two questions – okay Bob has some questions.

Hiiiiii Davey - It’s Bob. Who ARE you thinking for the leaaad Ghost - we’re thinking that Channing fellow, but younger, someone hot and popular like him, but more in line with that younger demographic.

Dave. It’s Phil again - What if we cast Channing, but CGI him young, like they did in that Marvel movie?

Dave. Bob here. Yeah, Thor, like they did in Thor - OH! Can we cast young Thor??

Daaaaave — It’s Phil!!! Does it haaaaave to be zombies. Just checking with legal, and they said there’s a popular video game called Plants v Ghosts and we’re thinking – why not buy the rights to that?

Bob again - That’s a great idea – and a CGI Tatum as the lead sexy plant right?

Heeere’s Phillip! Exxaaactly. I think we’re onto a mega-franchise - let’s start calling it the Plants-vee-Ghosts-verse! Okay? It’ll be bigger than the MCU! The PVGCU!

Great idea Bob. Okay - I got a meeting with CGI Tatum booked in for two. Nice talking to you Davey.

Couldn’t agree more Bob. Thanks so much for your input Davey! Give Janice your details and we’ll mail you a cheque.


Chris-es on Infinite Earths

Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth team up in an epic super-hero battle to finally settle the issue of which one of them is the more bankable box-office star.

Special cameo from Chris Rock who turns up halfway through to give them advice on their marriages.


Too soon! Too soon!


Okay, here’s a movie I really want to see.

HOMEWARD BOUND but during an apocalypse (zombie or otherwise).

Or… something similar, you know how in movies when a vampire, alien body snatcher or some other monster shows up in a neighborhood and the pets go nuts whenever they are around? The people are always like “I’m sooo sorry. Normally, he loves people. blah blah blah.”

But the dog or cat – they’re the smart ones. They have recognized the threat.

I want to make the “Invaders from Mars” movie, but with the pets as the heroes (and maybe the boy or girl who know that their pets are on to something). Not only would they have to overcome their natural hostility to each other and band together to save their owners, but they’d have to deal with their owners who think they have suddenly become vicious.


That’'s kinda the premise of Rover, Red, Charlie - a Garth Ennis comic.
Does the concept justice, despite some vulgarities here and there.