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Pitch me a movie!


learns to fly a jet
get set
for bern-a-dette

Okay so lyrics arent my strong suit… Shuttup.


It has it’s downsides too. Sheena’s not a fan of Funky Cold Medina for that reason. :wink:

A quick Google search brought up this one.


A quick google search tells me that there is a song by the Four Tops (written by the songwriting powerhouse of Holland Dozier Holland) …

I don’t have access to link to a Youtube video just now I’m afraid.


That’s ok. I’m being serenaded by Tim. At least I think that’s what he’s doing.


See above. :wink:


What exactly is your strong suit? No, never mind. I’m not sure I want to hear the answer.


I think that we may been doing the same google search at the same time. Great minds thinking alike. Fools doing whatever it is that fools do.

I’m not sure what Tim’s strong suit is either. I bet it’s stylish though :wink:


Oh its poetry!


There once was a girl called Bernadette
was awesome. The end.


His biohazard outfit.


Sheena is still cooler since she gets a Ramones song.


I have two lines of a limerick -

There was a young lady called Bernadette,
Who took her dog Zelda to the vet

After that I’m lost…And I’m trying desperately not to end it on “something something cigarette”. I don’t want to advocate smoking.


she was a great pet
Who often would fret
And so SimonJones finished the rest


There’s also a great Jesse Malin song. :wink:


So, @TMasters, what do you say about the Chunks movie, baby? Are we back to green with it? It can’t lose. :wink:


Well, Tim has just written the most profound poem I’ve ever read.

So I may need one after :wink:


Look Ronnie you find Matt and tell him we let bygones be bygones. Chunks is a thing. Its a whole thing and we got so many plates spinning right now and maybe Chunksis a plate maybe its not a plate, maybe something else is a plate, maybe your thing is a plate. Point is i aint gonna hold a grudge just cos one ofthese writer types got a little hot under the collar you know Ronnie? You know Ron? I aint like that - thats not how you do business. Hey, anyway hows the wife, Sheena right? Its a pretty name - we should do lunch one time, you, me, your pretty named wife. Whattaya say? I tell you what - call my office and make an appointment. Love ya Ron.


Sounds good, T. Sheena sends her regards. I’ll have my people call your people. :wink:


@mattgarvey1981 gets chased by sentient zucchini of varying sizes. In the post credits scene, we’ll introduce a marrow.

Film fund money please, thanks!


It’s says a lot about this place that you’ve restored some semblance of sanity to this thread with that idea. :wink:

You win. Give Sanjay all the funding.


Yes Sanjay gets a full 500mil back to back trilogy deal.

Just needs a title and we can start putting out the merch.