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Pitch me a movie!


Hi - ive recently come into somewhere between 100 million and 500 million dollars with the stipulation that it must be spent on a film*.

So, go on Millarworld! Pitch me your Dream Project

* May not be an accurate depiction of real events


Superman movie, but good.




Sorry everyone else – Mark, who’s your director?


Gambit 2, obviously.


When you say Gambit 2 are you referring to your fanscript which has you and Channing Tatum dressed as Gambit making out for 2 hours?


My fanscript has recast an unknown from Australia but only so more budget can be spent on the special effects and general awesomeness of the movie.
No other reason, at all.


Yes! Go Australians! Cant wait to see this mystery guy on screen, whoever it is. Aussies are the best.


Not my idea, but in the finest traditions of Hollywood, I’m happy to take credit for other people’s creativity.


Ghostbusters 3.


Live action Voltron. Pacific Rim meets Fast and the Furious.


Take A Punt - A young Irish man has a youtube video of him kicking a football the length of a football field and hitting the crossbar go viral, and he ends up signing to an NFL team as a free agent.

Hilarity and mayhem ensues as hard drinking Irish meets hip-hop influenced black America in this culture-clash masterpiece.

Edit: It does what great sports movies should do, too, makes you root for the underdog. Not just the team, but the players.


My half-serious go-to for this kind of question always used to be a Visionaries film. What a ridiculous, pie-in-the-sky idea! Except that’s happening now, so I’m out.


The series was named after the people who made it as far as I’m concerned.


I tend to agree, but a lot of crazy people worked on it. Neal Adams did a lot of concept designs and Flint Dille, who was the main writer on the series, has become a bit of a Fox News type since.


I didn’t know that. Their magical light burned brightly and left us too soon.


MillarWorld: The Motion Picture

C’mon. This thing writes itself!




These are all questionable ideas (Except maybe Chunks).

If someone doesn’t pitch me something I can make Deadpool money off then Im going to have to give it to Bernadette and her pervy fanscript.


I never implied anything of the sort. You just wish it was.


I have you on record.