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Pitch a DC Elseworlds!


This seemed like a fun thing to do. I really think DC should bring back this line, it gave us some of their best stories. Reimagining DC characters in entirely different contexts has a lot of potential.

You can choose to write it yourself or you can pick a writer/artist team to do it. Tell us as much as you want about your idea.


Not an elseworlds story, but the other day I had a vision of a story called “Man of 1000 Punches” or something like that.

It can be set anywhere (old west, present, future, ancient China, etc) but a man has the ability to form enormous amounts of power into his fists and can basically punch through mountains. The catch - he only has a finite amount of punches he can throw. Each punch hurts him more and more - he has spent a whole career fighting super-powered villains with his fists and now it’s catching up to him. The series becomes more of a “how will he spend his last few punches?” and kind of an Old Man Logan/Unforgiven/Fade by Robert Cormier type of tale.