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Pistols at Dawn


I just fixed that for you Dave. You’re welcome :wink:

Introduce yourself - Thread for new members!

Where’s the anti-like button? :angry:


I think it’s actually an anti-like equation.


Don’t try to deny what you’re heart truly feels Dave…It’s The Thing (or John Carpenter’s The Thing to give it it’s full title). It always has been The Thing (or John Carpenter’s The Thing to give it it’s full title). It always will be The Thing (or John Carpenter’s The Thing to give it it’s full title).


I’ll be honest, it’s so long (30 years?) since I watched The Thing that I barely remember the details.

I just know that it can’t be as good as Big Trouble :smile:


Dave surrounded by Kirby crackle…I can see that.


I could just ban him. :wink:


I just liked your post. Why did I do that? :confused:


Because you know how wrong you are. :wink:


I demand the right to clear my name by trial by dance off.


Not enough skin in the game. A duel by Revolutionary War era standards with pistols from that era. :wink:


Oooh. I think that @davidm might have the edge on me there :wink:


Actually, I think @davidm is a man of high principles and try to solve the problem through the intermediary process or barring that take his shot in the air. :wink:


By “intermediary process”, you do mean “Pay someone to get Simon drunk and put him on board a ship bound for Australia the night before the duel”, right?


No. There is a ten step process in an official duel and only if the first parts don’t solve it do you actually take up pistols. It requires each participant to have a second.


That doesn’t sound too bad actually. Let’s say that you do that, someone plies me with fine malt liquor and gives me an all expense paid trip to Austrailia and I will be more than willing to wax lyrical about how Big Trouble in Little China is not only the greatest Kurt Russell film but the greatest achievement in the history of human endeavor, eclipsing the wheel, the internal combustion engine, democratic systems of government and sliced bread.

Edit: Need to watch the video @RonnieM has posted. Hold off on getting the tickets, eh.


To: RonnieM, davidm, and Simon Jones

I think perhaps you do not understand the phrase “Thread for new members”


You right. :wink:


Apologies. You are quite right. My enthusiasm got the better of me there.

Thanks for moving that Ronnie.


Now carry on with the Feud.