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Pirates 5 trailer is...


…awesome. Told ya!



Who would have guessed back in 2003 that we would get a blockbuster franchise of five movies and one short film based on a Disney ride of all things?


Haunted Mansion is weeping to its very foundations…



That will teach them to make an Eddie Murphy family comedy where suicide is a main plot point :wink:


I might see this one. I don’t think I ever saw 4. I didn’t care for 2 and 3. I felt like they learned the wrong lessons from the first film. Depp was better as Han Solo. When they made him Luke Skywalker, they lost me.


Anton Chigurh is coming for Jack Sparrow!

I like it.


I liked 2 a lot, it made the stakes and characters a lot more dangerous.

3 was horrible because it took that and toned it all down.


They have Orlando Bloom back. Which is nice.

I hoped they got Kiera back too for the ride. Bringing back the main cast works so well.


Btw, if anyone hasn’t seen it…


Don’t make me relieve that nightmare, Mark… that was the other Disney ride I love.


I never saw a Pirates movie beyond the first one.

Did I miss something?


Time for Mr. Toads Wild Ride the movie


Nope. They tried to recapture the magic of that first one but failed.


Yes. They tried to recapture the magic of that first one and succeeded. :stuck_out_tongue:


Parlay! Seems we need to cease hostilties and whack this Meadows character who’s trying to stir the pot.


Nope. What @BenObiwomble said. :wink:

They tried to make Depp the central character and it really didn’t work for me.


That wasn’t so much it for me, it was that in trying to make it darker they just made everyone far nastier, by the end of the second movie everyone has betrayed everyone and by the end of the third movie they really were a bunch of arseholes.

To its credit, 4 was a better attempt at getting back to the spirit of the first one for me.


I never saw 4 due to the downward trajectory of 2 and 3.


Well, probably worth a go and it’s likely dirt cheap now or free on one of the streaming services.


My time is generally what’s most valuable now. :wink: