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Pick one actor...


You’re on a desert island, and all you have with you is the entire filmography of any ONE actor. Every movie that one actor has ever made, whether as the star or in a bit part. (And yes you have a solar-powered TV and DVD player on the island, before anyone tries to get smart about it.)

So the question is… which actor do you pick?

My initial gut reaction was Harrison Ford, but after proper consideration I think I might have to go with Alec Guinness. The sheer variety of his work, from comedy to drama, would mean I’d always have something that I was in the mood for. And some of his films are my favourites of all time (Ladykillers, Kind Hearts and Coronets, and obviously Star Wars).

What is your favorite Keanu Reeves film?

Harrison Ford is a good one, but the answer should be Kevin Bacon.

I’d probably go with Jeff Bridges.


Kurt Russell is the right answer here.

Though if we get new movies that the actor makes, I’d be tempted to go with Sam Jackson, since he’s so prolific in genre movies, plus you’d get to see every new Tarantino movie.


I think you may be right. Alec Guinness is the perfect choice. Pick him and you’ve got all of The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, Great Expectations…

But James Stewart means that you have It’s a Wonderful Life, Vertigo, Winchester '73 and The Philadelphia Story.

Nah…I’m going to have to go with Alec Guinness.

Or Kurt Russell :smile:


Jimmy Stewart was a strong contender for me.


Tom Hanks




Point of order. Does the entire filmography include the actor’s TV work? Yes, I want to know if I get Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smileys People as well. :smile:


The jury’s out on whether TV work counts, because it probably opens up a lot more actors you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

One of my friends picked Hitchcock, because he was “in” a huge number of really great movies, but I think that’s a bit of a cheat. Ditto for Stan Lee :smiley:


That’s fair enough.


Interesting question. I think I’d go with Gene Hackman. You’d get thrillers, comedies, westerns, sports movies, superhero movies, noir, drama, war movies, lots of them very high quality. His IMDb page makes a pretty strong case.


Rob Scneider


If you want to maximize your selection… Ron Jeremy.

Id have to go Gary Oldman.


Peter Cushing.


Very nice Game!

And a difficult one (if you´d said “director” it would´ve been much… not, not a bit. Nevermind).

My gut tells me to go with De Niro (You almost have all of Scorcesse´s filmography… that´s never a bad thing)
On second tought i´m considering Gary Oldman (Great directors to work with too. Coppola, Nolan, Branagh).

But, all and all, I belive I have to say “Sam Jackson”.
Think about it. You get most of Tarantino´s Work, All Marvel movies, Spike Lee.

altough… i´m still thinking. It may be someone better that i didn´t think just yet.



My answer would probably be John Goodman, that way I get multiple Coen bros movies.




If you want maximum choice then you pick a character actor, someone like Brad Dourif, Joe Polito or JT Walsh.

Those guys have appeared in hundreds of movies and as many TV shows.

Pick one of those and you’ve basically got the whole of Netflix to watch.


Tom Hanks

That way I can also burn The Terminal and Sully for fuel.