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Pick a sequential page from a brilliant CURRENT artist!


One page. Show me what they’ve got.

My choice. Legends of DCU #6 by Dave Taylor and Kevin Nolan. Yeah, I know it’s around 17 years old, but both guys still active and fantastic. I really love this page and have this issue for reference on my desk all the time.


JH Williams III. There are countless pages of his that look utterly beautiful as pieces of art in their own right, but I think this one - from towards the end of Detective Comics #859 - shows off his stylistic versatility, technical skill, and his ability to carry the emotional beats and subtext of a story through the art alone:

That whole run was great.


I’m currently in love with anything James Harren does, especially his work on BPRD. This is a Conan page:


It’s gotta be David Aja for me…
I love this page in Hawkeye….
Issue 11 is like the Wall-E of comics…


I went with Tim Sale and a page from Hulk Gray. I re-read it on the train recently and still blows me away.



Francis Manapul:


Frank Quitely :wink:


Hey TMasters, you didn’t add a name. Is that Andreas Sorrentino?



Yeah it is, from Green Arrow.


Rob Liefeld - he draws like what it felt to be a teenager. Even though he is now in his 40’s his art never lost that “teenage charm” to me. Big muscled guys doing cool things with lots of punching.


Welcome to Millarworld, Moep. I’m a huge Liefeld fan too.


Thanks RonnieM - been lurking for years. Liefeld takes a lot a crap for his stylistic choices where others get a pass but for me his art still has that spark that I LOVED when I first store his work on New Mutants.

Plus look at that ass in frame 3. Wonderful.


Yup! He just did some pretty unreal work on the OML sequel. You should snap him up!


I feel Sorrentino relies on photographs (and Jae Lees work) too heavily to really connect with an audience.


Totally agree - its hard to pick a specific page, because he’s on fire ALL THE TIME.


Loads of Chris Samnee pages I could have chosen, but just look at this one of things going badly for Daredevil



Chris Mooneyham from Five Ghosts. Excellent layouts, mood, etc, and evokes guys like Klaus Janson and Dick Giordano for a classic 70s feel.


I can’t say enough about JH Williams III. Super artist. Super nice guy.


Any of you guys know this up-and-comer called Frank Quitely?

Not too shabby at all.