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Picci8 Comic Art (sequentials and pin ups)


Hey guys!

Been a long time since Ive posted here, although I do frequent here quite regularly. There are definitely nice things happening here and would like to keep in touch more often, so this is my first attempt. I’m a comic artist from Sydney, Australia, and while I generaly post on my Instagram or Twitter, I’d like to start sharing all kind of art here as well, from pin-ups to sequentials.

These are some recently completed pin-ups…

Hope you like and nice to get (back) in touch with you guys!

Daniel Picciotto
Instagram: @picci8
Twitter: @danielpicci8


Loving these Daniel…may have started stalking you…i mean following you on twitter too! :smiley:


haha! Cheers…followed you right back!


i saw…bit needy ain’t you?! :joy: