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Photoshop, Fuse and Mixamo Character Creation


I was curious if anyone had used Adobe fuse/Mixamo for content creation.
I’ve been struggling to find an artist for a particular product but thought i could get the ball rolling by doing some initial character design and world building

Any other ideas out there?


Thanks for sharing this @markabnett. Does this require an Adobe CC Subscription to use?

Would be great to create VR projects in Unity with.


It’s free with adobe subscrption


Dear markabnett, dear friends,

this is way out of my league; had a hard time coping unsuccessfully with Adobe After Effects.

Photoshop is just enough for me – staying in 2D. (Stare long enough at my drawings after you had a wee dram and they start moving on their own.)

Found an impressive video at YouTube, though. And there are more.