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Pete Doherty update - Recovering in Stroke Ward now!


Hey all,

As mentioned earlier in the week, artist, letterer and designer Pete Doherty, whom a lot of you here know personally, has been seriously ill. His aorta split and all the details can be found at the link, but was pleased to hear today from his house-mate that he’s been moved out of intensive care and into a stroke ward where his recovery can begin.

It’s horrible to be sick, but when your self-employed as comic people are it’s extra frightening to not be earning while you’re in bed and so a friend of his started a page where people can donate as much or as little as they have spare. Please hit the link for more details. This will be a LONG recovery for Pete so the more that can be raised here the better. We’ve made our donation privately, which is also an option here:



Thanks for the update Mark. I caught up with Pete at a few shows this year. Introduced myself and thanked him for his work on the 2016 Annual.
He is a top bloke.
Guys any contribution no matter how small would be appreciated.
Get involved Millarboards!


I’ve met Pete a number of times over the years from volunteering at ThoughtBubble, and he’s the nicest bloke. Hope he makes a good recovery.