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People you know who have appeared in comics


I think Transmetropolitan was the one that started it for me when I was recognising the likes of Edward and Tubbs from League of Gentlemen and such, but when I started reading comics properly, I discovered that my local retailer has turned up in a lot of works by D’Israeli (it’s always fun to note him as a punter in a strip club in Lazarus Churchyard, or pouring tea in Stickleback). What other comics have you read where you’ve noticed someone you know has made an appearance?


…well, the new civilian identities the anti-registration heroes adopted in Civil War were all from regular posters here, so…


And (former)-Millarworlder Carlos was even Captain Spain.


I was in an issue of FF, for what it’s worth, thanks to the Chief


Wow. No way?
That’s really cool.


Didn’t @PatrickA get killed in Ultimate Fantastic Four as well?


I know a guy who got killed by Ultimate Fantastic Four. Tragic accident with an OHC. Lesson is, don’t scrimp on the shelving, people.


No, you misread the obituary. He was killed by an UFF, it was a sound effect that hadn’t been secured properly.


@Christian was in the background in one Ultimate Spider Man issue.


Are you sure he wasn’t killed by an oeuf? Hotbeds of salmonella when not cooked properly.


This reminds me of the joke about why French people only eat one egg for breakfast.


Indeed I was, thanks to the wonderful David Lafuente.

During my long-haired days, of course.


I’m hoping to make it into Doctor Strange 2 as an alternate Stephen Strange, one who broke his back instead of his hands in the car wreck and therefore could not travel to ever encounter the Ancient One, so took up psychology and became a bitter fat old pothead with delusions of adequacy. Y’know, a cautionary tale.

Either that, or just play Sheldon as is.


I did. By the zombie version of the UFF.

I’ve actually signed copies of that comic.


With a CGC rep to prove it. :wink:


@ozguryildirim was kind enough to sneak the both of us into the millarworld annual

wait… does @Mark_Millar own my comic book corpse rights?
Dammit I shoulda read the fine print!


The chap in the hat is Mike, the owner of my local comic shop Asylum up here in Aberdeen. He’s old friends with D’Israeli, who likes to sneak him into comics from time to time.