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Paul Feig in talks to direct Captain Marvel movie


Hmm. I was stony-faced through Spy, but loved Bridesmaids. I think he might be one of those directors who’s great as long as Kristen Wiig is there…



He directs comedy very well but Spy (as much as I was amused by it*) showed that he needs more work on directing action sequences, I’ll reserve my judgement until I catch the new Ghostbusters! :slight_smile:

I’d like to see Kathryn Bigelow have a go - but more the Bigelow of Near Dark and Point Break than with her current stylistic sensibilities.

(*especially Rose Byrne - with Spy and Neighbours, she’s fast becoming comedy film’s secret weapon for me)


Hmmm… some kind of time machine is required perhaps?

I totally agree, ‘Point Break’ is a great action film.

With Feig, Marvel will be there to “help” him make creative choices, that much is clear from what the previous directors have said.


It’s an April Fool’s Day story, and like most internet April Fools’ Day jokes confuses “untrue” and “funny.”


It’s not funny because it’s entirely credible.


This reminds me of an April fools prank that hit quite close to home here in Millarworld.

“Orson Welles was planning on doing a Batman film in the 1940s”.

and it is just as plausible in my mind. Ive never seen an entire film of his and have no desire to do so. My feelings for one of his main actors(McCarthy) is just short of ‘despise’ and have no desire to see her in Captain Marvel movie, which is a shame because I love the character in the comics. I have tried to watch some of McCarthy’s movies and can never watch more than a few minutes of her before turning it off.


What?!? McCarthy is great. I think she is incredibly talented and incredibly funny. Most of my experience with her is from Mike and Molly though. She and I have the same alma mater too. :wink:


It’s probably completely false, but even though I’ve found his films more or less entertaining, I would hope for a take on the character at least as serious as any of the other heroes. The Marvel heroes are more fun than the DC movie heroes, but they are primarily heroic. Even Deadpool (who’s not Marvel Marvel, but still).

With that in mind, though, I think Adam Mckay (The Other Guys, The Big Short, Anchorman) is a good pick for the next Ant Man movie.

EDIT: dang, Mckay’s just the writer for Ant Man.


So, then, would the trick not be to get a really solid second unit director? Bump the usual location stuff to third, and rely on learning from that person?

btw, what do you think of the recent push for stunt person recognition, like with an Oscar?



Closing as it was an April Fool .