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Paul Daniels RIP


It was announced today that British magician Paul Daniels has died.

In recent years he’s had a bit of a reputation as an outdated has-been, and a bit of a figure of fun, but I don’t think it was ever really deserved. He was a very talented magician and hugely popular in his day (I watched his show every week as a kid and I loved his stunts), and he carved out a successful career for a long time after as a TV presenter too. He seemed like a genuinely decent guy who was happy, good-humoured and self-aware enough to play up to his naff image from time to time.

But the reason I really wanted to post this thread was to draw attention to one of my favourite tricks of his - possibly my favourite bit of Halloween TV this side of Ghostwatch:

It caused quite a stir when it went out (without people knowing in advance what was going to happen). He even had to write in to national newspapers to address his critics (which I thought he did very well):



In the Steptoe & Son Rides Again TV Cream podcast Mark said he’d promised to put him in the next MillarWorld movie and was going to contact Debbie to see how if he was still capable of appearing on screen as it had been his lifes ambition to be in a Hollywood movie, think it was recorded about a fortnight ago . . .


Such a shame for anyone to go so quickly .As a young man I was always sitting in front of the TV watching him . His close up magic was fantastic and had the pleasure of watching his card skills from a couple of meters away many moons ago.


Ah, that’s a shame. Maybe some kind of small tribute or reference can be worked out instead.


Yeah, some of his sleight-of-hand stuff was just amazing. It’s always that straight, basic-looking stuff that impresses me the most, because it’s almost entirely down to the skill of the individual.


May he rest in peace.