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Pat Ayers & I get drunk with Mark Hamill - LA Confidential!


A great blog post by Patrick, of this parish, on the LA trip undertaken by he, me and Señor Jim O’Hara. Guest-starring LUKE SKYWALKER…



What a great article. Sounds like you guys a helluva good time.


To be fair, Mr. Hamill was just having club sodas.

The rest of us were drunk.


I’m happy it was one of those nights that exceeded the hype. Just magical. I’ll always remember the Phil Lord bit though. What a great guy he was.


Genuinely thought I read Pam Ayers in the thread title . . .


You aren’t the only one…although I think Pam Ayres would probably be great company as well. There’s a left field suggestion for the AMA.


this line just fits

Finally, it was time to head to the bar.

We got there first and were quickly joined by Jim.

So Sgt A spent all day with Mark and went to all his meetings, but Jim waited until they headed to the bar to show up. typical Irishman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Next week’s AMA will be Pam Ayres.