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Passengers trailer with Pratt and Lawrence!

My spider-sense is rarely wrong and, like Magnificent 7, I’m worried about this.

The Chris Pining is now stage 3 and patient needs urgent infusions of Guardians 2 to survive:



The sets and the ship look absolutely beautiful. I’m really excited for this actually, but I am starting to get on board with the idea that Pratt might be Pining himself…Chrononauts regret incoming.

It reminds me a bit of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine. It could be very interesting.

Lawrence submarined the X-Men franchise and now she’s coming for Chris Pratt!


Is this supposed to be a blockbuster though?

Looks interesting, though the trailer may reveal way too much.

Sometimes even the finest advice falls on deaf ears.

Truly Mystique is Marvel’s worst villain.

I don’t know if this will be good or not. It doesn’t feel like a good time at the movies and that’s the first big red flag. And Pratt doesn’t work as smooth, he works as awkward. Dammit Chris, each some cheeseburgers and put on a few pounds.


Does every film need to be a “good time” at the movies though? I though that applied only for blockbusters. As I said above, is this supposed to be one?

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I do prefer to have a good time when I see a film :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do too. But is that indicative of quality in a film? That’s where I’m coming from :stuck_out_tongue:

Prisoners is unsettling, but it’s a great film.

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I guess that’s fair. At this point in my life though I so rarely get to go see movies, so the ones I do see I really hope they are a good time and a real cinematic experience.

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There’s an odd thing they do with the audio when Pratt’s character says, “I think we woke up too soon…nine… years too soon.” On a cursory listen, it sounds like “nine” but if you listen harder, it sounds more like “ninety” with the audio on the “ty” somehow clipped.

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The studio spent $120 million on this movie and cast arguably the biggest (non RDJ/ScaJo) male and female stars of the last few years. I think this movie is supposed to be a blockbuster.


That’s too bad then :pensive:

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I don’t see how a romantic story can have much drama when there is only two people in the main part of the movie and they’re both good looking. Who else are they supposed to screw?


If you want to make $400 million and above you need to be a good time or have spectacular effects. This movie feels like it could have been made in the 70’s and it’d be 90% the same. It feels like it could be a Twilight Zone episode.

It might be great, but the odds are stacked against it. We have to buy into their budding romance when there’s no obstacle in their way, we’re relying on just two actors to keep us engaged for 2 hours, we have to buy into the drama of the other passengers being in trouble when we don’t know anything about them and we’re relying on space effects to do the heavy lifting when there’s no aliens or zombies to fight. This is a small idea movie, and even if it’s perfect why bother going to the cinema to see it?

Meanwhile this generations Harrison Ford still doesn’t have his Indiana Jones and the guy is already 37 years old. He’s a year older than Chris Pine! And he’s almost full Chris Pined himself. I’m sure he loves being hunky, but Hollywood is full of hunky. He’s a fantastic clown and as a clown he could have a 25 year career no matter how old he is. I just don’t get why he’s avoided doing anything funny. He reminds me of Steve Carell, trying to be a buff serious actor in an ocean of buff serious actors.

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I know your retort will be that it’s a Marvel thing and not a Chris Pratt thing but isn’t Star Lord his Indiana Jones?

EDIT: Will we have to change this from “he Pined himself” to “he Chrised himself” soon? Pine, Pratt, and Hemsworth all look like they may fall short of the heights they could have achieved. Evans too since he decided to stop being funny entirely after the FF films.

It can be named after their godfather, Chris O’Donnell.


That’s his Han Solo :wink:


Yeah it’s his Han Solo. He needed an Indy to cement himself and not end up being a Hemsworth. Jurassic World wasn’t it.

yeah, Jurassic is his Jack Ryan in that people go and see it but nobody gives a f–k if we’re honest :slight_smile:

Han needs Indy for sure.

PS Chris Evans is the original cure of Chris I think. The guy is a charisma vacuum. I don’t think Avengers 1 could have made more money, but it would have been a Hell of a lot better with a proper Cap. Marvel amazing on casting from RDJ to Hemsworth to Pratt and all nice and cheap (for iron Man 1 at least), but Evans was their misfire.

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