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Paralympics 2016


Don’t seem to have a thread for this and it all started last night.

Of course, the Last Leg trio is covering it for Channel 4 in the UK, alongside their other coverage.

Don’t know if it’ll be geo-locked for some but this bit at the start of the opening ceremony was awesome:


This bit sums up the paralympics for me… It started bucketing down right when this young lady took the flame. She fell, dropping the flame and when she got back on her feet and continued on her own she got a standing ovation. I have a little bit of vested interest in stuff like this but human endeavour like that makes me well up emotionally every time.

The final torch bearer being in a wheel chair and the steps up to the flame home (Flame house? Home of the flame? whatever it’s called) moving out to become wheelchair accessible was a piece of genius.


So just watched Jody Cundy, in an event that was talking of times differences of tenths of a second, come on as the last guy to ride the Kilo and nukes the best time by an entire 2 seconds!

The other guys have got to be going: What the hell just happened?


Holy fucking shit! I just watched a man with no arms swim a length of the pool quicker than I could sprint it. That was the single most amazing thing I’ve seen this year!


Good article on the challenges athletes face from less developed nations:

Paralympics tries to shake off image as Games for rich countries

…One of the crueller paradoxes is that the nations that can least support Paralympic sport are often the ones with the bigger potential pool of athletes, due to factors such as a higher incidence of disease, unsafe roads and the consequences of wars or civil conflict.

It is notable how some less developed nations’ success in Paralympic events has come directly from war.

Sitting volleyball is enormously popular in Iran – the country has won five out of six gold medals since 1988 – and has long been popular with injured veterans from the country’s brutal conflict with Iraq. Iran’s main rivals, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who won the 2004 title, are captained by Sabahudin Delalic, who lost a leg in 1992 in the Balkan conflict.

The IPC is working with individual Paralympic committees in developing nations to try to make them financially self-supporting, with the hope that over the years they will produce more elite athletes…