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Paperbacks & Inkstains Kickstarter - Sneak Peek!



So, I love you guys at Millarworld, although I certainly don’t post enough. Time, unfortunately is often against me!

However, because I know of the awesomeness of this forum, I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at one of the 16 stories contained within the groaning binding of the Paperbacks trade paperback.

The following is called “Where’d Wendigo”, written by Myself and Mike Sambrook, with art by Ceri Hanvey and Colours by Alexa Renee. If you love Stand by Me, Predator, The Goonies or Stranger Things, then this is the comic for you! Don’t believe me, check out these snippets from a couple of reviews:

“Her panel choice really lets the script flow and she also draws comedy very well – something that sometimes isn’t that easy to carry off. This script is laugh out loud funny. The line “If it bleeds you can grill it” will stay with me for a while. It’s surprisingly warm too – reminds me of Goonies and in particular Stranger Things, which is weird because I’m sure this was completed long before the show even aired. It has the same feeling of childhood friendship being the best thing ever, about it.” - Other Worlds Than These

“Ceri Harvey’s art evokes a manga feel, while the script is witty and warm as it pokes gentle fun at various genres. 10/10”- Starburst Magazine

“Ceri Hanvey’s artwork is solid, with some cracking reaction shots and several pleasing action beats” - Big Comic Page

Anyway, enough waffle, “Give the people what they want, Jones” I hear you all cry!

If you enjoyed that, please come and check out the kickstarter:


Can’t afford to back, then a share on social media can really help us out! We’ve got a week left and every little bit counts!

Thanks one and all!




Rob is right it is great!

So go and back it:


Cheers Matt. May have to pay you an advertising fee! haha! :slight_smile:


Just pledged :innocent:

Good luck, Rob.


no worries, fella!
Always happy to help!


needs a bump for all the late comers i think…not my thread so i am allowed! :joy:


Thanks so much, guys! £2900 atm, with 6 days to go to get £1100!

Here’s hoping we can do it!


Thanks so much, man. Seriously hope you enjoy it. Have shared a second story on here tonight as well!



Good luck Rob hope it gets over the line.
Sooooo close now!

Also Rob is a S*&t hot letterer and has done some logo design work for me.

Hit him up!


Oft, you spoil me with your kind words, Mark!

Thank you so much for backing. We’re currently sat around £800 off the finish mark with just under 6 days left… doable! EEEK!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:

Looking forward to reading this, Rob.