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Page Dimensions Best Industry Standards & Practices


I am at the beginning stages of illustrating my first issue for a series which I want to pitch to Image later this year. The book will be completely digital but while doing research no unified page size was found.

Coming across artist who’ve Illustrated at 11 by 17 or 11 by 19 and printing presses with a vast variation in size pages It’s all very confusing. It would be helpful to know what is the Image Comics printing standards.

Having it be totally digital I want to set my page dimension, bleed, etc to the standards Image comic prints all their books at. If such a standard even exist or a standard for Art boards they will take the work at to than convert for print.

The book will be done in Clip Studio Paint. I want to deliver a polished digital print ready PDF.

I tried asking on the image comic forum but I haven’t even been approved as a user after registering months ago.