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Overrun, the 4 issue comic… is finally out!


Hey Guys - pleasure to meet you all.

Pleased to announce, that finally (after nearly 5 years of hard graft), my next comic IP ‘Overrun’ is out as a 4 issue mini - it’s been dubbed ‘Tron of the Dead’ and we’re dropping all 4 issues ‘Netflix’ style in one go - self-published and available through our site or via Forbidden Planet/JetPack Comics or on iBook and Kindle.

There’s also a cool little trailer here and here…

Feel free to feedback your thoughts on it.


Andi Ewington


Hey Andi,

Can’t wait to read it!
Been waiting a long tome for this, it looks amazing.
Great work!


Thanks Matt - cheers for the positive feedback, bro!


I can easily vouch for this. It’s an excellent comic!


Looks fun!

Tron Of The Dead is a great band name.


Ha thanks - and as I have no musical talent, feel free to use that :smiley: Appreciate your time taking a look.



Thanks Tony! :grin:


And now at Forbidden Planet’s head office - ready for the London Super Comic Con @ FP’s stand over the weekend :smile:


Delighted to see this on shelf at Forbidden Planet London - after 5 long years of self funding/publishing/producing…