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Overrated/underrated comic characters...


After some time, I decide to start a thought provoking thread on comic characters… :smile:

I remember a while back, someone who posted that the Blue Beetle was underdeveloped as a character and could be more than what he is with the right creator and so on. It made me wonder who else falls in the same quandary.

I would have to say right now the Martian Manhunter for all his powers should be more, and Shazam but DC won’t make him outshine you know who.

As for overrated characters, it is easy to pick on the most popular, but I would say Apocalypse’s power of controlling his own molecules iirc really isn’t that much of a big deal imho.

So, there you have it… Who else?


I really don’t think there’s such a thing as over or under rated characters, just poorly written ones.


I agree with Bruce. I think any character can be great if handled by the right team. There is the oft given examples of Alan Moore taking over Swamp Thing or Peter David taking on Hulk. Or Matt Fraction and David Aja doing Hawkeye (or Iron Fist)

If you want to suggest a character who has potential which has never been realised, that would we be an entirely different question.

But I’ve always liked Wonder Man. I think that character could go in some interesting directions that no one has ever pushed him into. You have the whole dichotomy between being invulnerable and being massively insecure. You have the fact that he’s worked in Hollywood. There is his slightly sketchy history as an embezzler. He’s immortal. There is a lot to work with there.


Ok then… let’s go with that…


Sorry. I didn’t mean any offense.


Simon’s mention of WonderMan immediately made me think of two cosmic Marvel heroes who have been under-developed: Quasar and Nova/Richard Ryder. The movie success of Guardians of the Galaxy and subsequent interest in the comics versions of same provide the perfect opportunity to focus our attention on these great characters.


Overexposed and underutilized might be better words.

The Hulk is badly mishandled. It shouldn’t be just Peter David who can write the Hulk, but I don’t think any creators want to work on him. And yet he’s crazy potential - Superman, but as a crazy person.

I think Ghost Rider could be better with the right team. He’s essentially Spawn.

Spiderman, Batman and Wolverine can all have infinite stories told about them so they’re not overexposed. Iron Man and Cap feel overplayed, but Marvel are such a mess it’s hard to say what they’re doing.


Brian Azzarello has written a really good Hulk in the past but for whatever reason he’s pretty much a DC lifer the same way Bendis is a Marvel lifer.


I am surprised at Marvel. I thought they has some very good books coming out of secret wars but they are essentially gutting them for this civil war II. When are they going to realize that Bendis has an audience but it is small and when they give him universe changing events, things go badly and they are stuck digging themselves out of a hole. I was liking a number of their new titles but now they are thrown into chaos and we are back where they started with disassembled. Hey lets kill Wasp and populate the avengers with a bunch of c-listers. now it is hey lets kill She hulk and promote a bunch of teenage heroes. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Ugh…I hate to admit it but I actually agree with the Bruce!


Listen to Matt, he’s an expert on poorly written characters.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m kidding buddy!!!


I can’t believe I’m agreeing with you again! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I quite liked the first year or so of Wonder Man’s solo series in the 90s. It was a lightweight action comedy thing (which lost a lot as it got dragged into grim and gritty crossovers)


i’d love to write an updated version of that!
Hello Marvel?..waits by phone


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I think Exiles (the team, but also the book as well, I guess) was under-rated. It’s a really interesting concept, but what made it work so well was the cast of characters - Blink, Morph, Mimic, Nocturne, Sunfire, Sasquatch, Thunderbird and some of the later additions. But Marvel have repeatedly disregarded that in favour of reviving just the concept (New Exiles, X-Treme X-Men, sort of but not quite Jeff Parker’s Exiles*) thinking that would be enough but without the team to anchor it, it’s not worked as well.

*Parker’s Exiles really needed more time to explore its take on the concept, as it was clearly a secretive sequel to the original run but had to rush the reveal of that in its final issue.


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