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Outer space thread


As a lifelong fan of scifi, fantasy and horror this is lots of fun. :slight_smile:

As someone who worries about the state of journalism this is incredibly depressing. :frowning:





Following up;

400 meters long, highly metallic, rotating…

Totally not an alien spaceship…



Another space penis.

Donald Trump is president, Bruce Jenner had a sex change, and we’re being invaded by giant space penises.

We are officially living in a Troma movie.


Who gets to be the Toxic Avenger?


“We need an artist’s impression to go with this story. And could you make it look a little bit like an alien spaceship for us?”


I don’t know why they didn’t just get Chris Foss to paint it.



To be fair, the non-Foss picture is more realistic. Making a habitable space inside an asteroid is a really smart way to fly.


Yes, and picking an asteroid with exterior contours that look a bit like a sleek space cruiser lets you do it with style.


I’m not saying it can’t happen, I mean there’s a moon in the solar system that looks like the Death Star, but can you point to an asteroid that looks like Discovery One?





How are the scientists able to determine that it was a double burp rather than, say, a double fart? Are there special tests they can run? Was there an odor?


In space no-one can hear you fart


I just found this:



Probably not.


But on the other hand;

Several asteroids were discovered last year by NASA but current estimates say we only know the location of around 3 percent of those out there.