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Outer space thread


Noob planet.


NASA is hiring a Planetary Protection Officer to protect Earth from alien harm


Yes, this is awesome.



I actually love things like this when people use non-instruments to make music. I was first introduced to it when a Renault F1 engineer showed me one of these videos.



NASA captures images of strong solar flares



Today, Cassini completed a course correction that took it past Titan at a distance of 120,000 kilometres. It has placed the probe on a direct collision course with Saturn, with which it will intersect on Friday, ending its mission.


Oh no, that makes me sad. No more amazing Cassini pictures.

Why was this done?


It’s just about out of fuel, and the decision was made to send it into Saturn rather than risk it colliding with any of the moons, and potentially contaminating the ones with organic material on them.


So instead, we start a war with Saturn?

Great. :angry:


It was this or let it get infected with the Protomolecule and drop it onto Venus.


Somebody whose name I annoying can’t recall wrote a brilliant set of stories about a race of giant whale-like things floating in the atmosphere of Jupiter, with a really well thought out ecosystem that could probably actually work. The final story in the series had them seeing a strange object that came from space and plummeted down past them into the depths for no obvious reason.

Back at Galileo mission control, the engineers were slightly disturbed to find giant faces staring into the camera when the pictures came in…


Arthur C. Clarke ‘Meeting With Medusa’ rings a bell.

The one where they go down into the atmosphere in an elaborate hot air balloon and discover ‘plankton’, ‘giant jelly fish’ and even gianter ‘Manta Reys’ that eat the ‘Jellyfish’.

Not a series though so probably not it.


I haven’t read that one. This one ran in Analog SF in probably the late 90s (roughly contemporary with the Galileo probe, anyway). I could look up the guy’s name when I get home, but I’ll probably have forgotten by then.


A good excuse to post this again;


Some of Saturn’s moons photographed by Cassini:


One of them may not be a moon :wink:

Just over two hours until Cassini self-destructs I think.


4 is clearly a fried egg.

  1. An old cue ball
  2. “That’s no moon.”
  3. Sponge
  4. Fried egg
  5. Giant space penis
  6. A raviloi


The BBC tactfully calls it “potato shaped”, but I think you’re closer to the mark.