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Outer space thread




Yeah right, Anonymous…warning: that website has a video that autoplays and continues even after I stop the video.

What the hell is wrong with the internets? Is that an Australian website? It just gave my computer epileptic seizures.



I thought Tom DeLonge was going to break that news. :wink:


I am shocked by this revelation. Shocked.


But have the aliens found THEM?!






Every time I see this thread pop up it makes the following song pop into my head.



Before i read this… Is the answer Earth?


Now, without having read this, I am mainly wondering how can that be an opinion piece? Surely, the destruction of Earth doesn’t leave too many opinions open?


Without having read it, I have two possible explanations:

(1) “Opinion” is the name of the planet.

“The mystery planet that could destroy the Earth: Opinion”

(2) It’s the writer’s byline, as the piece was written by that famous science correspondent Sean O’Pinion.


The Juno probe has taken the most detailed photo to date of Jupiter’s Red Spot:


They also released a slightly zoomed-out version.


By comparison, here’s a photo reproduced in the 1975 World Book Encyclopedia:


Eye of Sauron.


One of the reasons why Saturn is superior is that it’s spontaneously making a BattleTech map

Of course, with the hexes that size it won’t be a very big map…