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Outer space thread


Foiur-five-six-seven-eleven-and-a-hundred years or something. It all depends on how many sequels James Cameron wants…


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SpaceX has become adept in the past two years at bringing first-stage boosters home after they have completed their primary task of getting a payload out of the thicker lower-reaches of the atmosphere.

The segments autonomously guide themselves back to the floating platform or a coastal pad to make propulsive landings.

Thursday’s mission was the first time one of these “flight proven” vehicles had been re-launched.

Other landed boosters will now be used on future missions. Another six this year, most likely.

It sounds like a minor thing, but this is big deal in making space flight affordable. A business built on throwing half your capital investment away after just one use is never going to work. SpaceX have now proven you can spread the cost of a booster over several flights. Yes, the Shuttle did it decades ago, but NASA abandoned that line of development almost as soon as they started it.


The shuttle cut corners, with inevitable results.

SpaceX can make this work if they keep their eye on the ball. It’s not the technology, it’s the people.



Is one of them a Kardashian?


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Yep, based on the permeability and permittivity constants for free space.





Bursts of solar winds caused a huge sparkling region on Uranus, scientists observed this by using Hubble space telescope. Electrons that come from various origins such as solar winds, the planetary ionosphere and moon volcanism, when charged in the form of streams caused this, researchers from the Paris Observatory used the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to observe this on Uranus. They were able to catch it in powerful magnetic fields and, controlled it into the upper atmosphere, where set off spectacular bursts of light when made interactions with gas particles, such as oxygen or nitrogen.


Glad scientists have just as puerile a sense of humour as the rest of us.


Remember how in Golden Age SF it was never government agencies that put men into space, it was always plucky entrepreneurs (and the occasional mad scientist)?

We’re slowly getting there…


NASA’s Juno probe forces ‘rethink’ on Jupiter


Some really nice pictures coming from this mission:

“This is the first image of Jupiter’s ring that has ever been collected from the inside of it looking out,” said mission scientist Heidi Becker from Nasa.
“Juno is 3,000 miles from the planet when we took this picture. So, what you’re looking at is a ring of dust that’s 40,000 miles away and stars that are hundreds of light-years away, all in the same picture.”





I was thinking more along these lines…


Is that from Sunshine?