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Outer space thread


Yes, it’s a Viz letter, they’re deliberately silly like that. :slight_smile:


OK. Not everyone makes that switch deliberately. :wink:


I took a science degree and also studied under a professional astrologer. I could have chosen either, or even both careers :slight_smile:

(In fact, I chose neither. But in principle, I could be both an astrologer and a scientist now.)



Actually the use of astrologer is deliberate - it’s a little known fact that Cox writes the horoscope for Astronomy Now magazine.


"Aries - you will be an amazing part of this beautiful infinite universe.

Taurus - you will be a colossal nob end.

Gemini - Things can only get better."


Really? That’s good to know. I’d like to be amazing now though.

I want to believe in astrologer Cox.


Does anyone here ever listen to Dead Ringers on BBC Radio 4? I can never separate the impression they do of Professor Brian Cox from the actual Professor Brian Cox.


I’m a Taurus! Who’re you calling a nob, Professor Imaginary-Cox


I’m related to a Taurus. I thought that was particularly accurate.

I’ll have to change my mind now.


I loved when they prank called Tom Baker while impersonating him as the Fourth Doctor




I’m a Scorpio.



“Scorpio - a full explanation of this is beyond the scope of this book, suffice to say that Einstein was forced into this bold move primarily because Maxwell’s equations for electricity and magnetism were incompatible with Newton’s 200-year-old laws of motion. Einstein abandoned the Newtonian ideas of space and time as separate entities and merged them. In Einstein’s theory there is a special speed built into the structure of spacetime itself that everyone must agree on, irrespective of how they are moving relative to each other. This special speed is a universal constant of nature that will always be measured as precisely 299,792,458 metres (983,571,503 feet) per second, at all times and all places in the Universe, no matter what they are doing. And your lucky number is 3”


Yay! 3!