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Our new printing on Chrononauts means...


…we’re up to some mighty fine numbers on this book already!

The first issue was pre-ordered around 48,000 sales, which is to put in perspective is a little more than pre-orders of Kick-Ass #1 and about 6-8K ahead of Starlight and MPH. So we were very pleased, but Image suspected we could do more and so overprinted by a whopping 10,000 to 58,000 copies.

I was curious how this would go, but we sold out by the first weekend and the Back To The Future second printing was ordered. As you know, this cover was beautiful and almost 5000 extra copies were immediately ordered, but Image again (for they are very brave) printed up a crazy 10,000 copies of the second printing as they again felt there was more of a market for these.

Now THIS issue is almost sold out and we’re talking about where we go from here and maybe yet another printing, sales on issue one now nudging a mighty 70K with more to follow, which is tremendously exciting.

So Sean and I are really pleased. The movie deal with Universal is of course very cool and we’re very excited about being fast-tracked by the Fast and Furious team. But this is first and foremost A COMIC-BOOK and we would just like to thank everyone for their support of this brand new title, something which can never be taken for granted.

We overprinted by quite a bit on the second issue too and this is likewise now pretty much sold out so a very, very thrilling time. Sean also spotted a lot of the variants on eBay going for crazy prices, some issue one variants hitting thirty bucks from $3.50 in a single month, which is insane, but actually kinda nice as it means people are into it.

Anyway, thanks again :smile:


Been doing a little market-research on Empress #1

Congrats Mark!

If you keep producing these velvet high-concept books we’ll keep buying them.


So, you’re saying this is a superior book that kicks ass without a nemesis, you’ve got 1,985 reasons to print more if the war heroes agree (it would not be much trouble), and you wanted to do it.



Nice interview at CBR:


“I don’t think there’s anything of mine that’s not being developed somewhere right now, which is nice.”


“I developed super-powers, about twice the level of Superman, cured cancer and settled the ruckus in the Middle East, which was kinda nice.”